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5 things You Can Expect In Rehab

A person with an addiction is someone who engages in a specific kind of behavior repeatedly even if it causes harm. The harmful behavior becomes a cycle of addiction because, at first, it results in pleasurable results for the person. However, it results in dangerous and often very damaging or even life-threatening dependency on the activity or substance.


Addictions have a very detrimental effect on the quality of life of a person, including their general health and wellness. It also has effects on their family and friends and results in varied long-term physical and psychological issues.

If you are thinking that you are struggling because of any addiction, then the most important step is reaching out for professional help. You can first consult your GP, who can check your symptoms and your addictive behaviors and then provide medical advice and refer you for some specialist treatment. Alternatively, you can call a rehab center like Laguna Beach Rehab, which can offer you an addiction assessment by a specialist addiction therapist. In this session, they can explore all your addictions in detail and then advise the best steps for you, considering the specific requirements and choices.

Not everybody's experience in any rehab center is the same; based on their history of use, the kind of treatment they look for, the support network, and where they will go to rehab, it varies. But there are certain things that all can expect from a rehab. Here are five things you can expect in rehab:

  • ·It can be uncomfortable: There is a particular saying for recovery from drug addicts, and that is "get comfortable with being uncomfortable", and it is true when the matter is about treatment. Rehab is everything about change, adjusting to a new environment, seeing new people, sharing feelings with strangers, and learning some new rules. All of this becomes very uncomfortable initially. But over time, you can learn how to push all your discomfort and start growing. It would help if you kept in mind that feeling uncomfortable is normal and is an important part of the whole process. Do not allow this feeling of discomfort to discourage you from recovering from addiction.
  • The path is difficult: Recovering from any addiction is never easy, and it's because it isn't. Treatment of addiction is something more than simply going to any rehab. Starting from treatment to work, you need to make extra effort. You need to allow your guard down and be frank with your clinician. You need to participate actively in all group therapy and obey all rules. You have to open up for all changes and the most important thing is you need to be honest with yourself and other people. Some moments might become more challenging than others. Be ready to work a little harder to recover from addiction, and it is all worth it in the end.
  • ·You might want to quit midway: Withdrawal symptoms, substance cravings, and the desire to go back home, everything can make you pack your bags and go back to your old life. Recovery seems very distant, hard, and sometimes impossible. It is quite normal to have some bad days that will make you question whether or not you want to continue with the treatment. Know that several others feel this way but thrive in recovery, and you can also. Push all negative feelings, defeating attitude and doubt, and focus on how much you have accomplished. Feel proud of all of your achievements and be excited for the future.
  • You can make long-lasting friends: Addiction is lonely, and recovery is all about making strong connections and making some long-lasting bondings. Opening up might seem very difficult initially, but once you start, you will feel how much you and others in the rehab center have in common. You will get yourself surrounded by others with like minds and someone who wants to see you succeed. Because your relationship is founded on support, honesty, and trust, they will certainly continue even after leaving treatment. Knowing how to communicate and share all your feelings with others helps in making your past relationships strong and assists you in opening up to forming new bonds in your new life.
  • Expect some changes: You will be a different person once you complete your treatment successfully. That is going to be exactly your goal, which is becoming the best version of yourself. It is going to be the version of yours that is kind, honest, and open. While there will be times when you might get tempted to go back to your old behaviors, you will have all the support and tools to stay on the correct path. Change is the major part of treatment. Prepare yourself for a few people in your life not to support your new version. It is certainly unfortunate, but it happens, and it is best to cut off anybody who does not support a sober lifestyle.

So, these are some common things you can expect in any rehab. Now know what a typical day in rehab looks like.

A typical day in any rehab is very busy. You will have a complete treatment and therapy timetable and some designated time for meals and exercises. There is also time for some leisure activities and relaxing, which sometimes is built for you for socializing with other patients. Rehab center offers you

  • · Detoxing program for addiction treatment
  • · Therapies
  • · Sessions of family support
  • · Wellness activities

There is a certain recommended time of treatment for addictions that enables you to overcome completely from your addictive behaviors and take your steps toward recovery. Inpatient treatment is highly intensive and efficient, which offers you a chance to spend some time away from regular situations and all triggers that might be making your addiction worse.

A rehab center assists you in tackling all physical symptoms of addiction through detoxing services before delivery of proof-based therapy. There are some aftercare sessions of some continuous access to support and some therapy groups, along with family support, assistance with your consistent care plan, and alumni events where you will get a chance to meet with persons recovering from addictions.

So, if you or your loved ones are facing difficulty because of substance or drug addiction, then look for a good rehab center.