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5 Things You Should Know About Poppers

Why are they called poppers?

Poppers refer to a slang term given to drugs known as alkyl nitrites. The drugs are called poppers because of how they were being administered when they were first discovered in the 19th century. Users administered poppers by crushing them between their fingers. They made a popping sound upon being crushed. Thus, it's the method of administration that gave birth to the name "poppers". 

How are they used incorrectly?

There are several ways through which poppers can be used incorrectly. One of the ways through which people use the drug incorrectly is when they combine it with other drugs. Usually, this makes the side effects worse. For example, if a user mixes poppers with Viagra, it can possibly lead to a coma or death in severe cases. Still, if persons having blood pressure issues use the drug incorrectly, they are highly likely to have a bad reaction. Moreover, if users swallow it, it can be very intoxicating and dangerous. Normally, poppers are inhaled. So, swallowing it is an incorrect way of using it that should be avoided.

Why are they popular?

They are popular because of the feeling and effect they create in the body. They are known to create a feeling of euphoria once you inhale. Most people love it for the sense of excitement it brings to them. That is why it was popular in the 1970s in gay clubs as it was used to get people high and enable them enjoy the music there. Also they create the ability of the smooth muscles around a person's blood vessels to relax. For example, the sphincter muscles in the anus relax after a user inhales the drug. This is why it's popular among the gay community. They use it to enhance sexual experiences. Reports indicate that poppers help to increase pleasure from anal sex.

What are the side effects?

There are multiple side effects of poppers you should know about. One of the major ones is that it causes skin irritation on the areas exposed to it. Some of these areas include mouth, nose, face, and lips. Also, they can cause allergic reactions that can potentially lead to breathing problems. Another common side effect is headache, which can shift from mild to severe. Reports also indicate that poppers have the possibility of causing eye damage. Lastly, there's a possibility of poppers affecting one's immune system and leading to the development of infectious diseases.

Countries that have banned poppers

The question of poppers ban is of great interest. Since 2013, Canada banned the use of poppers. In the US, it's not illegal to use poppers but it's not legal to sell without prescription. In countries like Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, selling or purchase of poppers without permission is not permitted. In France, the sale of the drug is prohibited depending on how dangerous it is to users. Poppers UK sellers almost got banned along with the consumption of poppers but the government abandoned the plan later. However, advertisement of poppers for human consumption isn't allowed.

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