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Ten Things You Can Do For Your Mental Health

By Daniel Witman

We tend to take care of our health, physical shape, but it’s also important to work on mental health. Life has its ups and downs, we feel good when everything is OK, but we should also be prepared if something goes wrong. If people work on improving mental health, they are ready for every situation. If you want to improve your mental health, here are the ten tips on how to do it.

Physical Shape

Treat your body with respect if you want to improve your mental health. When people are healthy, not suffering from illnesses, they don’t have to worry about mental health as well. Here is what you need to do:

  • Control your eating (more nutrition, less “useless” calories).
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Do regular physical exercises.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Drink plenty of liquids.

These simple tips help you stay in shape and improve the overall wellbeing.

Value Yourself

Being humble is a good trait, it attracts people. No one likes those who keep boasting. But low self-esteem won’t make things any better. Being confident in what you do and how you behave helps improve the mood.

It’s never a good idea to devalue yourself. For example, when someone says they aren’t smart enough, or pretty enough, etc. Avoid such phrasings when talking about yourself. Instead of self-criticizing, try working on something you don’t like about yourself.


Avoid people with negative attitudes. Such individuals are always in a bad mood and it affects everyone around them. Instead, try surrounding yourself with positive people who can support you and make you feel happy.

If you don’t have positive people around you, you can try visiting clubs, joining some classes which are great for meeting people and learning something new. If you want to meet someone and fall in love, you could use mail order brides sites. There are plenty of options to surround yourself with positive people.

Volunteer Work

Helping other people is a great way to improve your overall mood. You can find local volunteer work in shelters, help someone in need. First, it’s a good way to spend your energy. Second, it feels good to help.


There are various videos and tutorials on how to meditate. Meditation helps to calm down, deal with everyday stress, etc. We all tend to think about what we said or did earlier during the day. We keep torturing ourselves by thinking about how else we could have replied to someone’s words, etc. Instead, try calming your mind, and meditation is one of the best ways to do it.

Dealing With Stress

Everyday stress is unavoidable. Lack of sleep, too much work, other issues affect us. No one can avoid unpleasant situations, but everyone can change their attitude towards these situations. Learn how to deal with stress and unpleasant situations, and you won’t be getting upset all the time.

Instead of letting it torture you, think of ways how to improve the overall situation. Being ready for stressful situations is what makes it easier to deal with them. Try to control your feelings, especially when you expect something unpleasant to happen. If you keep thinking about something that hasn't happened yet, you won’t improve your mental health. Just be ready for whatever can happen and stay calm.

Be Realistic

Failures upset us like nothing else in life. Even though it’s part of our lives, there is a way to avoid unnecessary stress. If you don’t want to face failures, start setting realistic goals. Instead of throwing all effort to accomplish something unrealistic, set an achievable goal. Success will help you feel better. It will also set your mood which will help you in achieving other goals.

If you have a goal and it seems unrealistic, try making a plan with several steps. For example, you want to gain a dream job in a certain company you like. If you don’t meet their requirements, make a several step plan.

Take your time and try reaching their requirements by improving your skills. If you don’t have enough experience, start working in other companies with the same specialization. Gain experience, improve your skills - these goals are achievable. Then apply for the position you want to get. You can reach any goal if you accomplish smaller goals towards the main one. It will feel good and you will eventually get what you want.

Fight Monotony

It’s awesome when people have everyday routines since that way we use our time effectively. But when the everyday routine becomes monotonous, we start lacking positive emotions. It’s easy to fight the monotony, just make some changes, start with small ones. For instance, change the restaurant where you keep dining, start working out in a gym if you have time for that.

You could also try meeting new people since it helps get fresh emotions. To meet new people, attend classes, start some hobbies, adopt a dog or a cat from a shelter, etc. Walking your dog in a different park is also a great way to fight monotony. You can meet new friends, or just enjoy a different view. A change to the system keeps your brain on alert, so if there would be other not planned changes, they won’t catch you off guard. You will be ready for them.

Ask For Help

Some people think they can handle everything on their own. They think it’s showing their strength when in fact, it’s a sign of weakness. We can’t deal with everything, especially when a lot of things are going on. Sometimes we face situations that are too difficult for us to handle. We might even not know what to do at some point.

That's when it is time to ask for help. You won’t make things better by trying to deal with something you can’t handle. Instead of improving a situation, you stress yourself out and apply too much effort. Later in the future, you simply won’t have the energy. Instead, ask for help. Combined forces make it easier to improve the situation, and you feel less stressed when someone you trust is around and helping.

Avoid Poisoning Yourself

Enjoying a glass of wine or a sip of good whiskey in the company of friends is OK. But it’s not OK when light drinking progresses to heavy drinking. Try avoiding getting drunk for the sake of being drunk, it will just poison you and you will suffer from intoxication.

Avoid drinking if you are depressed or suffer from stress - it won’t fix anything. You will still have problems to deal with, but you will feel intoxicated. The same rule applies to drugs and other things that make your mind cloudy.

Author’s Bio

Daniel Witman is a passionate journalist who has contributed to major media publications. He enjoys writing about lifestyle and other topics that bother modern men. Currently, he's serving as an editor for

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