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Can THC Infused Water Help with Creativity?

Cannabis has been gaining a great deal of attention lately. Since Colorado paved the way for states to legalize the use of marijuana a decade ago, a growing number of people now have access to THC and CBD. In fact, nearly 50 million people in the United States and almost 160 million people across the globe report they're currently taking advantage of the potential benefits of cannabis, and that's only the ones who readily admit to doing so.

Different Ways to Consume THC and CBD

People now consume THC and CBD in various ways. While the traditional method of smoking cannabis to unleash its effects remains popular, it's certainly not the only option. Tinctures containing marijuana's cannabinoids work well for many people, and they tend to work quickly, too. Topicals have skyrocketed in popularity as well. At the same time, people are increasingly turning to edibles and shopping for THC infused water.

What Are the Effects of THC?

One of cannabis's primary cannabinoids is THC. It's the psychoactive component of the plant, and it can elicit a range of responses in those who consume it. Let's further explore the effects of THC to develop a more well-rounded picture of this particular compound. 

  • Easing Anxiety - Many studies show that THC can help relieve the symptoms of anxiety when consumed in small amounts. Of course, many people report feeling heightened levels of anxiety when consuming too much THC. Because of that, those who want to alleviate their anxiety should stick to lower doses.
  • Battling Depression - Reports also indicate that THC can aid in battling depression. Euphoria is one of its well-known effects, which could be considered the exact opposite of depression. Additionally, certain dosages of THC may help with mood regulation. That's another way in which this substance might alleviate depression.
  • Reducing Stress - Studies likewise indicate that THC can help reduce stress. Though it may not actually get rid of the factors that cause stress, it can alter the way people perceive those factors and react to them. Because of its stress-reducing impact, it can also help with relaxation.

Those are some of the most noteworthy effects of THC. Many people report that it also provides significant pain relief. That, alone, can instigate a positive chain reaction in people who suffer from severe or chronic pain. When combined with all the other potential effects, it's no wonder so many people are turning to cannabis products as part of their treatment regimens.

Does THC Help with Creativity?

All that brings us to the main point in question: Does THC help with creativity? Opinions vary on this matter, but quite a few people insist that it does give them a creative boost when consumed in small amounts. This effect could, however, come from a combination of THC's other influences. 

Numerous factors are known to impede creativity. When people are feeling nervous or anxious, their creativity tends to suffer. If they're depressed or consumed by dark thoughts, their creativity may not be able to shine through. Those who are experiencing extreme stress, worrying excessively, or greatly overthinking certain matters also find their creativity to be hampered. 

With all that in mind, it stands to reason that a compound with the power to combat those factors could provide a helpful boost in creativity. Some believe THC ramps up ingenuity in its own right while others feel it's more a matter of eliminating all the issues that can impede the flow of creativity. Its potential for unleashing the imagination further supports its potential in this regard. As such, THC and products infused with it may very well help with creativity. 

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