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Testogen Testosterone Drops – An Organic Supplement to Male Virility

Conventionally, men have had to turn to testosterone replacement therapy or other synthetic drugs in order to help stabilize their testosterone levels at a later age in life. Many of these therapies and drugs have lasting, and sometimes permanent, side effects which are too costly when one weighs the pros and cons.

As such, more and more men are turning to natural supplements to help elevate and stabilize their testosterone levels. One such supplement is in the form of Testogen Testosterone Drops.


According to Testogen, the company behind this new supplement, these testosterone boosting drops will increase testosterone levels at a very fast rate. By taking the supplement orally, the active ingredients are absorbed directly into your bloodstream which allows for a faster reaction time. In fact, the company claims this delivery method to be so effective that consumers should feel the difference in their energy levels from the very first usage.

In addition to giving you an extra boost of energy and increase your stamina, these drops will supposedly burn excess body fat more effectively and helps promote muscle growth for stronger and leaner muscles. Moreover, with elevated testosterone levels, you’ll regain your libido, be able to focus on tasks better, and feel an overall boost in motivation.


According to the company, these drops are made up of 100% natural ingredients. Some of the ingredients, like Vitamin D and Zinc, are commonly known and we all know the many benefits that come with taking these supplements. However, there are other ingredients which stand out.

The first is Epimedium Sagittatum, an herb that promotes circulation of the blood, leading to better oxygenation of the organs and an increase in energy levels. This is a great ingredient especially when it's combined with Pfaffia Paniculata, an Amazonian root which naturally stimulates the release of testosterone in the body. This increased release of testosterone becomes even more effective if efficient blood circulation can properly spread it everywhere in the body.

Another ingredient which helps stimulate the release of testosterone is Panax Korean Ginseng, which also stimulates plasma in the body. The increased plasma also helps contribute to the increased energy levels. Moringa Olifeira will help with stress and anxiety and help bring a sense of calm in your life, which contributes to the regained libido.

Finally, there is L-Arginine. Ample studies have shown this compound to have a significant effect on sexual dysfunction disorders and when it is combined with an effective delivery system, the effects would be only that much better.


While there have been many great reviews (check the review here, compiled by WPHC) by customers, one needs to remember that these supplements do have an effect on the body chemistry. As such, it’s best to consult with a doctor before you start taking anything for your health. With that being said, the positive is that Testogen’s drops are made of natural ingredients and the potential for side effects, while existent, is quite minimal.

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