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Test Kit for Coronavirus: How Does it Work
and Can it Really Help Us?

Test Kit for Coronavirus

With the continuous spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, government bodies from every country are doing every measure to survive this crisis. Deployment of testing kits has become an essential way to prevent more damages brought by the pandemic. Public health institutions have made it a prime concern to identify individuals who are positive with the said virus.

Despite the widespread distribution and encouragement from news outlets, not all of us entirely understand the full scope of these tests, which contributes to the ongoing anxiety by the masses. To further understand these Coronavirus test kits, the people should have a general idea of the whole crisis and how these Coronavirus test kits help us along.

What is Coronavirus Disease?

Mostly referred to in its shorter name as COVID-19, the Coronavirus is a respiratory disease that first emerged in the province of Wuhan, China, last December 2019. It’s a zoonotic virus, meaning that it began its development with animals before a mutation that lets them infect humans.

The mode of infection of this disease is primarily through saliva and cough from an infected person. A healthy individual may suffer mild to moderate respiratory symptoms once infected. However, older adults and individuals with underlying respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, as well as cancer, may develop deadly illnesses if contracted by the said virus.

All countries have taken substantial measures in quarantine procedures. Those with identified symptoms were prioritized for testing kits. Additionally, people are discouraged from leaving their homes and physical interactions unless needed to mitigate the spread of the pandemic.

How the Coronavirus Test Kit Works

While there is no cure yet for the virus, the usage of testing kits delays the spread and damage to people by isolating infected individuals. Additionally, we have the option to take our steps in testing ourselves, explicitly by using a Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Home Testing Kit.

How it works is a matter of obtaining a sample by yourself and taking it to accredited laboratories for assessment. The testing kits include a sterilized PCR swab, pathology form, and a set of detailed instructions in collecting your sample. Once obtained, the package provides an envelope seal so it can be sent safely to accredited laboratories. It will be sent back for results within five to 10 business days, depending on your location. The Health Hub provides great selections on safe and reliable at-home tests not just for Covid-19 but also for vitamin levels and more.

Types of Tests

As of today, the United States Food and Drug Administration spearheaded these tests to be made available to several states in the following weeks to come. These mentioned tests are Diagnostic and Serology Tests.

A Diagnostic Test is a quick assessment of an individual suspected to have the virus by taking a look at the respiratory system. If you are experiencing respiratory symptoms similar to the Coronavirus, then it is best to contact the nearest healthcare provider so they can assist you with the testing procedures.

Bear in mind that this does not guarantee that you are safe from the virus. No one is immune to the virus, so maintain physical distancing and sanitize thoroughly regardless of the result.

On the other hand, a Serology test or Antibody test determines your susceptibility to the virus. Antibody cells appear when an individual has fought off or is currently battling a respiratory disease related to the virus. When tested positive, you may carry antibodies that can fight the infection.

Serology tests are implemented to gain an assessment of your health against the virus. If the serology tests deem you positive while bearing symptoms related to the virus, you may be subjected to more tests and strict quarantine procedures by healthcare professionals. 

What Should You Do?

While every country is taking steps in creating a cure against the pandemic, you can help the world through physical distancing and sanitation. Efforts like this increase your safety and recovery chances should you get the virus.

To begin, practice physical distancing. You must be at least six feet away from another person to avoid transmission. Strict quarantine procedure also helps by staying at home as much as possible and only leaving the house when needed.

Lastly, practice proper hygiene at all times. Take time to clean surfaces and places that were frequently touched by hands. Doing these simple steps will slow down the spread of viruses and direct more efforts in procuring a cure than isolating infected people.


More and more patients die when a day passes without the cure. The global leaders and government agencies are focusing their efforts on obtaining materials for testing kits and isolation for the sake of stopping the virus. Your contribution, such as following the rules and getting tested, not only help experts in the progress of the vaccine but also help prevent the widespread contagion, ultimately ending this crisis.

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