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Scientific Weight Loss Secrets

By Roberta Temes, Ph.D.

Have you ever been told that if you raised your self-esteem, you would lose weight? I am a psychotherapist, and I am here to tell you that the idea of a fat person having low self-esteem is a myth. Every psychological test given to overweight people indicates that if you are fat you are as mentally healthy, or unhealthy, as anyone in the general population.

There is nothing about overeating that is associated with poor emotional health. In fact, it is possible that obese people are emotionally stronger than slim people. Many slim folks who were interviewed said they'd stay at home if they were obese - they would not have the psychological fortitude to be seen in public if they were heavy.

Obesity is not a psychological disorder. Obesity is not an eating disorder. Fat people have a genetic predisposition to gain weight. If they wish to conform to today's ideal of slimness and if they want to maintain good health, they must counteract their inborn biological impulses through behavioral changes.

Our genes may give us the capacity and tendency to eat much and gain much, but it is our environment - our habits - that permit the tendency to flourish. It's the gene that opens your mouth that is responsible for overeating.

In my practice, everyone who wants to lose weight does lose because we add hypnosis to the mix. Hypnotic suggestions make it easier to stick to whatever program you decide to follow. And it is crucial to follow a program. Any healthful diet program will work if you follow it. The challenge is building the new patterns into your life.

Accomplishing something amazing, such as permanent weight loss, is easier to achieve when you simply follow a series of small steps and don't think about the big picture. Adding some new habits to your daily routine, habits that absolutely facilitate weight loss, help you reach your goal quickly and easily.

A great start is to use some of the scientific weight loss secrets identified in the following report, which you can freely download. All the tips I provide are based on the latest scholarly research. You will benefit from them. Just get started today with your own small steps. I wish you all the best in your weight loss pursuits.

Scientific Weight Loss Secrets: Tips from the Psychological Research

In this fascinating report, Dr. Roberta Temes has summarized some of the most interesting weight loss research of recent years, and used it to create 20 tips that can make sticking to any healthy eating plan simpler and more effective. Discover the secret psychology behind how our culture tricks you into being overweight... and how to defend yourself with scientifically verified weight loss methods.

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