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Teen Vaping and What Parents Should Know!


Vaping is an act or inhaling and exhaling the vapors often created by electronic cigarettes or similar devices. Vapes are battery powered smoking devices and they have cartridges filled with a specific liquid that usually contains aerosol, nicotine, flavorings, and chemicals. This chemical liquid is heated into vapors, which a person inhales and exhales. That is the reason why using e-cigarettes is called "vaping."

According to a research of U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), vaping has caused more than 1,600 cases of lungs damage and 34 deaths all the way through the United States. CDC has reported more than 34 cases of lung injury caused by of e-cigarette or vaping products in Connecticut. The youngest person who died from lung damage was just 13 years old.

Teen vapes are very handy devices that are why they are very easy to hide. Apart from it, they create sort of pleasant smells due to fruit flavoring in them which quickly fades. This made very difficult for parents to spot their teens whether they are smoking vapes or not. But if you have doubts in your children, it is better to have a conversation with them before taking any step.

As vaping is quite new, there are not much scientific studies on its long term health harms and effects. But it is assumed that vaping can lead to emphysema, heart disease or cancer like smoking can. On the other hand, short term effects of vaping are coming to light. Hundreds of people around the world have been hospitalized with coughing, breathing impediment and breathless due to lung inflammation.

Inhaling liquids through vapes can put nicotine into the body. Nicotine is an extremely addictive substance and can slow the brain development and function in teens. It also affects the memory and concentration level of an individual. There are few point that parents should know about teen vaping to make them realize that it is bad for their health and future.

Vapes are as risky as traditional cigarettes:

Teens usually think that vaping isn’t smoking, they are just flavors. But Vapes contain nicotine which is equally harmful as tobacco cigarettes. Nicotine raises the blood pressure and arouses the adrenaline, which raise heart rate and the increase the probability of having a heart attack.

Researchers say Vapes are Harmful for Lungs and Heart:

Those vapes who don’t have nicotine in them, also have other harmful chemicals which effects the heart and lungs. The Heart and Lung damage can lead up to death also.

Vapes are as Addictive as Tobacco Cigarettes:

It is true that vapes are as addictive as regular tobacco cigarettes. You can get addictive to vaping even if you are not smoking it on daily basis. Vaping also has same withdrawal symptoms and conditions as regular cigarettes do.

Our Teens are getting hooked on Chemicals:

Teens have always been considered the future of any nation. If is very unfortunate that our teens are getting hooked on harmful chemicals and nicotine. Parents should support their kids in quitting the vaping. Set a good example for your children by taking care of your health.

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