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How Technology Affects Workplace Mental Health

Technology has helped humanity more than we could even imagine. From introducing smartphones to robots working in the warehouse, it has made our life easier. However, there is a darker side too. It is badly impacting the mental and physical well-being of an employee. So, while considering the important part it plays at a workplace, its negative impact on mental health can not be ignored.

Constant Availability

There is much we can say about the constant availability that technology brings. Technology has played an essential part in keeping us up-to-date wherever we are to making us reachable when needed the most. But being contactable at any time is one of the drawbacks of technology at the workplace, as many bosses demand their employees to be reachable even after office hours, which is stressful. Finding no free time for themselves affects the overall well-being of employees.

Too Much Screen Time

Due to heavy workload, employees couldn’t find time to take a break. Spending many hours in front of the screen causes fatigue and eyesight problems. They find it difficult to focus on their work, and as a result, they underperform on their given tasks. Increased screen time not only affects their mental health but badly damages their physical health too. Without proper back support, sitting much time facing a screen causes back problems too. Some employees suffer from strain injury as well. That is how technology is impacting the health of an employee.

Inability to Wind Down

It is a fact that the human mind does not switch off when it is connected to technology. We even do not realize it, but we are somehow on alert for the incoming emails and messages subconsciously. This is so stressful as the employees’ mind is still in the office even when they are not. It doesn't let them wind down and stop worrying about the work until the coming day. So, it has a detrimental impact on employees' mental health as they struggle with their sleep even at night because of stressing about their work. Undoubtedly, work stress is everywhere even when there's no technology involved, but it is highlighted in those environments where there's technology in use.

Feeling of Isolation

Technology helps an employee to connect with the boss, clients or anyone with a single click. At the same time, it develops a feeling of isolation. Employees feel it cut off from personal interactions with their colleagues and clients. Most of the time, staring at the screen and not interacting with others in a way the brain is designed does not help them make sustainable connections. This makes them feel stressed out and is one of the major pitfalls of using technology at the workplace.


There's no doubt that technology does not make anyone impulsive. Those who are whimsical are badly impacted by technology. They found it easy to tell their colleagues via email what they can not say to them in person. This ends in stress, regret and even sometimes leads towards job termination.

Worry About Losing the Job

We know that technology is streamlining businesses. It is cutting the costs by replacing manual work with machines. So, this is another factor that is disturbing the mental health of the employees. The fear that they become redundant soon is making them burnt out or stressed.

No doubt, technology is causing mental stress that impacts the productivity and efficacy of the employees. The pressure it is causing can be reduced by doing exercise as it helps you get away from the technology for some time at least. When you exercise, endorphin is released that makes you feel happy. Moreover, switching off the technology 2 hours before bedtime will help you sleep tight and effectively prepare you to work the next day. Trying mindfulness mediation can also help you maintain good mental health. Besides this, talking to your boss or colleagues for some time helps a lot. Discussing things bothering you with those who understand you well can have positive results on your overall well-being.

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