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How Has Technology Changed the Medical Field?

Technology Changed the Medical Field

Technology has footed its mark on almost all fields; medical remains no exception. The many advantages of technology can be said to be as follows:

1. Easier Communication Facilities:

All patients remain anxious to reach out to doctors and thus have a fulfilling conversation with them. But doctors with thousand responsibilities on them are not very easy to be contacted with.

With various new technologies coming in, the accessibility of doctors to patients has been raised and helps patients to communicate with the doctors in a secured section.

Also, with the translation technology introduced in medical science, the problem of language barrier has been ripped apart.

2. 3D Printing:

3D Printing has massively helped groups of doctors. The entire process of some operations like prosthetics have been redrawn as a list of doctors in United States put it out.

3D Printing also helps in better understanding of doctors. In today's time, reproducing human bones or other internal organs have become a matter of fact due to the technologies that have been inserted in medical science.

3. Maintaining increased accuracy and efficiency:

Previously, we have seen doctors and nurses make common mistakes with data recording or other similar jobs.

But now the manual part in it is very small and the usage of the various technologies like handheld devices to put down a patient's medical history or to conduct lab experiments with perfection, etc. has helped in this field in a commendable manner.

4. Remote Monitoring:

Years and years together, we have seen patients waiting in line for hours just for a few minutes of purpose.

But with remote monitoring, a patient can sit at home and connect to a doctor without any hassles and ask him to monitor things like blood pressure levels, or heart rate count or sugar levels, etc.

Also, if your doctor finds anything to worry about they can contact you and let you know the issues. It saves your crucial time along with cutting your financial costs.

5. Android Mobile Applications:

Mobiles apps coming into the field of medicine has changed the entire scenario of the subject.

Nowadays there are several mobile medical apps that let you count calories, monitor your sleep, help in heart rate tracking, reaching out to a doctor for minor concerns, and arrange for a one-to-one interaction all through applications.

You have an android in hand, half of your issues are solved.

6. Faster Medical Experimentation:

Doctors had to wait for experiment results for months at times for years together. Many innovations in recent years have made it possible for experiments to be completed within weeks and days.

This is so because previously one had to depend on human volunteers, but in present days human reactions can be stimulated to drugs which give out the desired answers to an experiment.

7. Portal technology:

Next in line comes the usage of portal technology. Patients are subjected to more clear visibility. Also, they get to access their recorded details, to a certain extent helping them to take in their hands a particular amount of control.

These have not only helped in better collaborations but also have helped to ease down patients and commit lesser errors which is why various organizations say this to be a kind of patient empowerment.

8. Data storage:

Data is the biggest backbone for hospitals; most operations, treatments and diagnoses are constituted based on recorded history.

Hence with technology, this data storing process is now carried out with much more perfection.

Wrapping Up:

Technology benefits in medical science have many more examples without any doubt, but these 8 are the major ones.

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