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7 Technological Devices Currently Making
Life Better for Older Adults in 2021

The need for technology is evolving in the modern era, and it is not limited to any specific age group. With all the perks that come with technology, even seniors are not avoiding devices that can make life easier and more comfortable. With time, technology is advancing to be a part of the healthcare sector, security, finances, etc.

A report by Pew Research states that currently, the U.S. has 59 percent of smartphone users from the age group of 65 to 69. On the other hand, 49 percent of smartphone users belong to the age group of 70 to 74.

For seniors, app developers are working tirelessly as well. They built smartphone apps to assist older people in their medical needs. Apart from apps, more devices using technology like GPS, AI among others came into existence. This technological evolution has shown some impressive results as well. It helped seniors, but it also helped users from other age groups and assisted their various needs including medical.

Moving further, we will talk a little bit about technologies dedicated to making life easier for older people.

Trending Technological Devices Older People Are Regularly Using

Well, this discussion can be divided into multiple segments. If we take the example of the recent pandemic, technology helped seniors in many ways apart from just health-related services. With everyone confined into their homes, technology entertained people, got groceries or food delivered, and much more. So, to understand some real advantages of technology specifically dedicated to older people, let’s dive into details.

1. Digital Healthcare Technology To Assist Older People

The Healthcare sector has evolved and adopted multiple technologies to serve patients. A few examples of healthcare technologies are the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), fitness and healthcare apps, heart rate monitors, AI-based health monitoring systems, etc.

With the help of smartwatches, fitness bands, or simple healthcare apps, technology is serving elderlies for their medical needs. Now, let’s understand a few examples through bullet points:

  • Fitness trackers for seniors are used to monitoring calories, heart rate, activities, blood pressure, etc;
  • Nanomedicines are evolving to assist patients on the molecular, atomic, or supramolecular scale. The technology will help in detecting, diagnosis, and delivering by integrating with other medical devices;
  • With blockchain in healthcare today, patient data is much safer and more connected. Just a single tap is sufficient to access the medical history of a person;
  • By setting fitness goals and exercise targets, mobile apps are motivating elderlies in being dedicated to their fitness.

2. Smart Entertainment Devices Are Good Companions

Entertainment has come a long way by teaming up with technology. With the help of resources such as smart televisions, e-books, smartphone games, and much more; entertainment for elderlies has become more comfortable.

  • Smart TVs are smart enough to understand voice commands and personalize the User interface according to the taste of the user. Therefore, elderlies can use these smart devices more efficiently;
  • Pew Research Center says that in the U.S., 19 percent of e-book readers belong to the age group of 65 years and older;
  • With games like Candy Crush, Poker, Chess, and many more; elderlies are equipped with a good timepass.

3. Talk-To-Text Technology

Elderlies find controlling devices with voice commands easier compared to going through the hassle of reading texts to find what they are looking for. According to research by the UC San Diego, a few elderlies bought Netflix subscriptions but did not use them as it was too difficult for them to operate them.

  • According to a report published by Google, 27 percent of the online global population use voice commands to operate smartphones;
  • With the integration of the AI, voice commands can understand more slangs and languages for a better response;
  • Voice commands are mainly used in tasks like web searches, music surfing, and many more.

4. GPS Tracking Systems

According to a survey, 5 out of 100,000 persons are diagnosed with Amnesia. It results in a temporary memory loss or confusion in patients. To help patients with such issues, many healthcare devices are equipped with GPS trackers. The actual purpose is to make sure that users with diseases such as Alzheimer's, Amnesia, Dementia, etc stay safe and can be found easily in situations of attacks.

  • ERAY GPS Tracker Watch requires a SIM card to operate with. However, it is useful to track the wearer easily;
  • There are other forms of GPS integrated devices available such as shoe soles, smartphones, tag necklaces among others;
  • Fitness trackers integrated with the GPS tracking system can monitor daily routines and generate health reports accordingly.

5. Noise Cancellation Headphones

Noise pollution is out of control in the modern world. Therefore, cases of hearing issues are increasing in numbers as well. Now, Noise-canceling headphones can be really helpful against unwanted noise. Brands like Boat, JBL, Sennheiser, and many others have an extraordinary range of noise cancellation headphones with additional features.

  • Noise Cancellation Headphones are useful to kill irritating noise for the comfort of elderlies;
  • Noise can cause many hazards including hearing loss headaches, sleep disturbances, cardiovascular disturbances, etc;
  • Noise cancellation technology can reduce the chances of permanent ear damages by reducing the amount of noise.

6. Smart Security System

With the help of IoT, security systems have evolved. Modern technology systems are useful for elderlies living alone. Among these IoT-supported security systems, the Ring video doorbell can be a perfect example. The device is used to display a real-time video of the person ringing the doorbell. It is also smart enough to get integrated with smartphones and provide real time alerts. The user can see notifications whenever a visitor rings the doorbell, along with the option of speaking to them via smartphone itself.

  • With the help of the Internet of things (IoT), devices like Ring Video Doorbell can combine with smartphones;
  • The device comes with a night vision and users can see the video in a 1080p format;
  • The app allows users an integration with Alexa as well. Alexa can speak notifications regarding visitors to make it more convenient to use.

7. Neuro Rehab Virtual Reality Experience

This technology has revolutionized physical therapy needs. The technology was founded in 2017, since then, it is used to organize physical therapy sessions for needy users with the help of VR.

The technology is dependent upon AI. According to each user, their sessions are scrapped and goals are provided. Users are supposed to follow their targets and accordingly, metrics are used to track the progress.

  • Neuro Rehab has used VR and AI to supply customized physiotherapy needs to users;
  • Currently, Neuro Rehab is working on making this technology remotely accessible for users;
  • By making it like a game, the purpose is to make physical therapy more engaging.


Hopefully, you found the blog informative. If you plan to serve seniors, you can use these technologies as a reference and think of an out-of-the-box idea such as Neuro Rehab VR. Before its invention, who knew that VR could be used to make people follow a healthy routine.

In my opinion, building an app could be a great idea to join the race. Just for an example, suppose you have a fintech app plan, if you do not have app development knowledge, you could just hire fintech developers to do that task for you. All you need is a good budget, fool-proof planning, and patience.

With time, seniors are evolving and adapting technology as it makes life more comfortable. Currently, the competition is high but with unique ideas, there is still a good opportunity to tackle this age group.

Author Bio:

Jason Camaya loves carrying his camera wherever he goes. When he doesn’t click pictures, Jason loves to write, play video games, and procrastinate. He has been writing for the technology vertical for quite sometime now, and as talented as he gets, he is giving tough competition to his fellow writers. He has been featured in many websites and blogs.

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