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5 Teas You Need to Try

Teas to Try

There are a lot of teas in the world. Tea types, tea flavors, and methods of brewing tea have all existed for thousands of years, and if you happen to be a tea lover, you might wonder which teas you should give a try out of this massive list. Amid the thousands of years of tea history, there are quite a lot of teas that you can drink, but some of these are teas that you need to try.

Sure everyone knows green teas, herbal teas, and the common types of teas you can find in the supermarket, but there are a lot more out there as well. Whether for their history, their flavor, or their uniqueness, you need to give these teas a try, and you might even find some great gifts for tea lovers in these drinks as well.

The Guayusa Tea

Perhaps the hardest part of this tea is actually being able to find it! It comes from the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest, and you can only find the tea in Ecuadorian stores or from specialized retailers. If you can find it, you will enjoy this highly caffeinated tea, that isn’t bitter at all.

Instead of drinking bitter tea, it is very smooth and almost fruity. So instead of needing to reach for the cream, sugar, and sweeteners, you can just drink this creamy tea straight out of the mug without adding anything at all.

Mate Teas

Mate teas are a traditional tea that you can find in Argentina, often drunk with a gourd and a bombilla in drinking ceremonies. If you are asked to drink Mate with someone in Argentina, then you have been given a great honor and should accept. The yerba mate plant that the mate tea comes from is highly nutritious, and the tea comes with lots of antioxidants and metabolism boosters.

It is a bit bitter and strong, especially for a first timer to tea. If you were in South America, you would get frowned upon for sweetening the tea up, but in the Western world, then you might need to make some sweeteners to ensure it tastes good.

Peach Blossom Tea

You might be able to find these in markets from South Korea and China, as well as in some other places. Still, it is a very different brand of tea, and if you do get the chance to try it then you need to. It is made using around 20 grams of peach flowers and has some health benefits as well, such as helping out your skin and also relieving constipation.

It doesn’t taste like peach, but does taste sweet and is rather smooth as well. Plus, it does fill up the entire room with a strong aroma. You might end up enjoying the smell more than the taste!

Peppermint Tea

Not every tea that you need to try is going to be something exotic, but there are also some delicious classic teas that you need to try as well. Peppermint tea is a very common herbal tea, and along with being delicious, it has a lot of health benefits as well. From aiding the digestive tract, to helping with antioxidant properties, to even removing problems in the stomach and the bowels, peppermint tea will help to keep you healthy.

Additionally, peppermint tea is also something that tastes really delicious and can be a perfect tea to incorporate into your daily routine for relaxation. Something about peppermint just lets us kick back and relax.

Earl Grey

If you aren’t from Britain, then you probably haven’t consumed one of their best teas. Earl Grey tea is a black tea with less caffeine and bergamot rinds or oil for flavoring. Found in Italy, Bergamot is a citrus found in Italy, and the oil and rinds of the bergamot go into the tea. The oil is also known to boost energy and can aid in digestion as well.

Drinking a cup of this in the morning can help to reduce morning anxiety, so if you need a little extra pick me up in the morning, a cup of Earl Grey can be a great way to calm yourself down.

Look Around And See What You Like

However, not every single list can cover all the things you like, so don’t be afraid to look around for tea that matches your style. Whether you want something hot, iced, fruity, bitter, sweet, or black, you owe it to yourself to look around and see what types of flavors you want to try.

A little curiosity about tea can lead you down a very interesting rabbit hole, and you might find some teas that you never thought you would like! Don’t be afraid to expand your repertoire and add more teas to your own personal ‘need to try’ list.

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