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Tandem Kayaking: Unique and Fun
Teambuilding Activity

tandem kayaks

Tandem kayaking is an incredible personal activity. It relaxes your mind, tones your muscles, and gets you recoupling with Mother Nature.

But this fun undertaking can also be a great way to get your employees, colleagues, or team members out together for an awesome non-work related thrill. It offers the perfect blend of teambuilding, mild workout, and experiencing the amazing outdoors.

But Why Tandem Kayaking?

A tandem kayak is paddled by two people, which makes it the perfect option for an adventure like this where people are trying to work better as a team. It is great for both skilled and non-skilled kayakers, so every member of the team will be comfortable in it regardless of their paddling experience.

The best tandem kayaks for beginners are the inflatables, as these are the most stable of all. Majority of them have huge storage spaces too where kayakers can store their paddling gear and personal effects. Businesses and corporates can hire tandems for use during their teambuilding sessions.

As far as corporate teambuilding exercises are concerned, kayaking is also a fairly inexpensive option and will provide bountiful opportunities for photos and film. New friendships will be formed too, which will enhance teamwork back in the workplace.

Sure, not everyone will be enamored with hopping into a tandem kayak but it certainly won’t arouse negative spirits like some other teambuilding activities. Every person will get to experience a little bit of adventure. Like you could be the guy who rescued the company CEO from drowning! Of course, there will be plenty of banter too, not forgetting post kayaking bragging.

How Do Team Members Benefit From Tandem Kayaking?

When people work together or share new experiences, relationships are built and teamwork is fostered, which in return overcomes challenges and reduces stress in the workplace.

Paddling is indeed something new to most people. Maybe you have kayaked before, yes, but doing it with your team or a group of colleagues will be an excellent opportunity for you to understand each individual in a way you probably never did before. You will learn to collaborate and work in harmony with each other in a low-stress and fun environment while experiencing the beauty of the natural world in an exciting and truly unique way.

You will begin the activity as several individuals who are just learning how to paddle a kayak or enjoying the new environment but end as one group sharing stories and laughter about the most rewarding experience of the day. Even without going corporate, tandem kayaking is the best teambuilding evolution. Not only does it build memories but also develops bonds that last a lifetime.

If you are looking for the best idea for team building, group outing, or any other corporate event, a paddling trip will be your best bet. Whether a reward or incentive for the most productive employees, a stress management or wellness outing, or group orientation sessions, slicing the waters will be the perfect way to bring group members together.

What Should You Bring Paddling?

There are a number of items that you can carry on a day like this to make your experience enjoyable. However, most kayaking spots will have agencies that provide rental services for the necessary equipment like the kayak, paddle, and personal floatation devices. Some will even have small shops where you can buy snacks and drinking water for the day. Nevertheless, there are a few things you can pack up on your dry box to make your paddling even more pleasant. These include:

  1. Some dry clothes
  2. Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a sunhat
  3. Sandals or water shoes
  4. Emergency medication and communication devices
  5. Dry bag
  6. Enthusiasm and a smile

How to Prepare for a Corporate Group Kayaking

Whether this is going to be a multi-day or just a few hours paddle, every person in the group should be well primed. Each paddler’s experience level, overall health, abilities, and even attitude will determine how smooth the adventure will be, so it is important to understand the dynamics of the group beforehand in order to prepare effectively.

  1. Find out the weakest people in the group. This should be anyone who is the least prepared in terms of paddling abilities and gear confidence. Doing this will help you determine the group’s collective course of action in all the situations you may encounter throughout the trip.
  2. Provide enough information on how long the expedition will take and the waters you will be paddling so that every member of the team knows exactly what to expect. They will know what to wear, how much snacks and water to bring, and additional paddling gear to pack.
  3. Have every person take some basic training on tandem kayaking and choose a partner before you go. It would also be wise for the entire group to have a few self-rescue techniques in its back pocket just in case.
  4. If there is any individual with a serious health concern, say a severe injury, diabetes, asthma, or some specific allergies, have them clear with their doctor before the trip happens.
  5. Do a headcount. This one is very important especially if you will be bringing a big group. You can have a volunteer in the group take the responsibility for keeping track of headcount on the D-day.
  6. Paddle within your group members’ limits and abilities. Even if you are the team leader or the most experienced kayaker in the group, it is advisable that you paddle within the rest of the group’s ability. This will keep everyone at the same paddling level and make the whole experience less intimidating for the less experienced.

In a Nutshell

Tandem kayaking provides a great opportunity to overcome challenges in an enjoyable and fun setting, while creating wonderful memories and experiences that bring corporate teams together. Unlike most of other popular team building activities, paddling is something your team members will be awaiting with pleasure rather than resisting and getting nervous. But just like any other group trip, it is important to plan right and prepare adequately.

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