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How to Take Care of Your Pistol in 5 Easy Steps


Proper maintenance is crucial for your effective operation as well as safety. If you own a licensed handgun or pistol, it’s your responsibility to follow the safety measures and take care of it properly. Negligence can cause injuries and some major risks due to internal faults or breakages.

It’s not just about cleaning the exterior surface of the gun; you have to properly clean the inner parts too. For that, you must learn how to clean and lubricate your pistol so that you can rely on it and feel confident while using it. Here I have shared how you take care of your pistol in simple steps.

Clean and Lubricate Your Pistol in Five Easy Steps

The cleaning process may vary for different types of pistols. However, you can follow the below steps for basic maintenance.

  1. Unload and Remove the Magazine or Bolt
    Before you start cleaning, ensure that the gun is unloaded. For that, open the action and remove the bolt following the manufacturer’s manual. There may be a little difference, which you can find in the manual.

    Once you remove the bolt, clean it with solvent. After that, dry off the bolt and lubricate it lightly. Don’t forget to brush up on the extractor and ejector too.

  2. Swab the Bore the
    Once you are done with the bolt, keep it aside and clean the barrel. Soak a soft bronze brush in gun solvent and smoothly run it through the barrel to remove the carbon fouling. Repeat this procedure if the barrel is too dirty. After that, keep it aside to dissolve the solvent with the dirt.
  3. Scrub Bore
    When you keep the solvent for some time, it will absorb the fouling metals and carbon. Now, you scrub the bore gently with the solvent soaked brush to loosen the dirt from the barrel’s inner surface. Run the brush around ten times to clearly remove the carbon remnants.

    Once you finish this, you can use a fresh patch with a rod to clean the muzzle’s excess carbon and metal. Ensure that you don’t pull back the patch as the dirt can cling on the muzzle surface again. So run it through the bore in one direction several times.

  4. Apply Light Lubrication
    Once you complete the cleaning process, you need to lubricate it. Some individuals think that swimming the barrel in oils is a great way to lubricate, but you should not do that.

    Don’t over lubricate the barrel surface after swabbing and scrubbing it. Simply soak a soft cotton cloth in gun oil, or you can use a silicone cloth to coat the surface with some lubricants.

  5. Reassemble and Check for Functionality
    Finally, you can assemble and check the functionality of the pistol. Every time you disassemble or reassemble, don’t forget to follow the manual. Although you know the process, it’s better to refer to the manual if you are not a professional gun cleaner.

    The main reason is you may make a simple mistake that may damage the gun. When you perform a functionality check after cleaning and lubricating, it helps you to be comfortable and rely more on the pistol.


Hopefully, the above article has given you some simple tips on how to take care of your pistol. However, if you don’t have a pistol, you can check out the comparison of Glock 17 vs 20, which are the two most popular pistols in the Glock series. Along with the pistol, don’t forget to purchase a gun holster that will help you to carry when you carry it outside.

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