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8 Ways to Take Care of Mental Health
Issues of Seniors

Cognitive impairment, shortening of memory, and increased loneliness are reasons seniors are most vulnerable to psychological problems. The center's report for disease control states that about 20% of patients who have lived past the 5th decade of their lives suffer from varying mental health disorders.

Besides the common pathologies that accompany old age, some common mental health defects suffered by seniors include; severe anxiety, mood swings, bipolar syndrome, depression, a decline in reasoning, etc. The foremost disadvantage of these ailments is that they reduce physical wellbeing and social functionality. These mental health problems can result in complications of the other morbidities already present in the seniors.

Mental Health Issues of Seniors

Hence, it is of utmost importance to look into better ways of caring for seniors with such conditions. There, however, happens to be a ray of hope in this situation, and it is founded on the basis that the mental health challenges experienced by most seniors are treatable.

Together with the therapeutic intervention of physicians, there are a good number of physical activities, lifestyle modifications, social resources, etc., that can restore seniors to a stable mental state. This article will explore various care routines for seniors mental health issues:

How to Care For Mental Health Issues Of Seniors

Some of the ways to care for elderly persons with mental health issues include;

Getting Them Involved In Brain Engaging Activities

In the same way, athletes build their muscles through physical and mechanical stimulation; It is possible to help our seniors remain mentally fit; we need to engage them in mentally demanding activities. It is a fact Harvard Health Publishers have proved; that brain-stimulating activities can increase thinking skills, decision making, planning and processing time, short-term recall, and reaction time.

To care for the seniors around you, get them to learn a new language, a new skill such as playing the piano or a violin, etc. Get them to read and write or play games like Sudoku, jigsaw puzzles, chess cards, etc. The more they stimulate their brain, the less likely the odds that they would come down with depression or anxiety.

Take care of their Emotional and Physical needs

It is not unusual to find that seniors have a lot of emotional needs. Due to the toll of age, they experience all sorts of declines in their physical, mental, and systemic health. They are immunosuppressed and often, as a result, are more prone to hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, pneumonia, etc.

Younger people living with either of these diseases are usually unhappy. How many more seniors provide residence to one or more of these diseases. They need all the love and assistance they can get. If a senior has urinary incontinence, mobility impairment, or for whatever reason is unable to void by himself, he should prevail adult diaper for him. If a senior can't walk by himself, rollators should be provided. Supposing a senior has difficulty hearing, aids should be given to him. All these will help prevent a tilt toward depression.

Mental Health Issues of Seniors

Cultivate Relationships

For a good number of us, we draw strength from being among or communicating with the people we care about. In the same way, seniors can get energized by sharing with family members and seasoned friends. Time and distance do not have to come between you and your aged relations. Thanks to technology, we can endeavor to keep in touch with the seniors and show them how important they are.

Keep making inputs family matters

Another way seniors can keep their mental health fit is by contributing their wealth of experience to solving their families' issues. There is nothing more depressing than the feeling of uselessness. Many seniors feel they are of no good and that nobody needs them anymore. They gradually slip into depression, and some might even seek death. This can be prevented by encouraging the seniors to engage in family events and lend their thoughts on confusing matters.

Procure a pet

According to the center for disease control, the bond between a man and his pet animal can reduce blood pressure and satisfy the desire for a companion. Seniors are also more likely to socialize when they have a pet. All these help to combat stress and provide happiness for the elderly.

Be involved in spiritual matters

If a senior is a Christian, it will help if he becomes more involved in his religion. The communal church relationship would help to keep him busy. He would also remain connected to a 'pseudo-family' that would look after him. A senior could be regarded as an elder in a church, and his input would be appreciated.

Volunteer for community services and get physical

When seniors participate in physical activities, it increases blood circulation and feels good, releasing the endorphin hormone. Besides bodily exercises and other physical activities, seniors should also volunteer to help others.

They should follow through with their medical therapy

Besides all else, seniors should not undermine the importance of their medications. It is a fact that these specialized psychoactive drugs do not cure mental problems. However, seniors should adhere religiously to prescribed medications.

Mental Health Issues of Seniors


Older adults need to take care of their mental health because they are easily susceptible to many other physical conditions without a healthy and stable mind.

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