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Things You Do Not Know About the Symbols
of the Premier League Football Team

Each team will have its own logo and just look at the color or some small details that you can immediately recognize which is the logo of the club. However, the logo is not a symbol of beauty, they also carry many special meanings of each team. Join us to find out more about the logos of the Premier League football teams in this article!

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Liverpool team

Liverpool's logo has a special meaning as the logo of the team. In the center of the red brigade logo is the flapping Liver Bird. This bird is a symbol of the city of Liverpool, where this football club is located. Liverbird is a combination of a cormorant and an eagle, similar to the kingfisher of the port city. This bird is said to be the lucky omen of the city of Liverpool. Liverbird is red in color, positioned directly in the center of the shield.

At the top of the shield is the beautifully designed line of the Shankly gate. The words "YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE" were placed just below the gate. That is the name of the traditional song of the Liverpool Club.

Right below the name of the traditional song is the football team name "LIVERPOOL", followed by the words "FOOTBALL CLUB". The inscription of the team name is in red, which is the color of the Liverpool shirt.

At the bottom of the shield is a stylized blue ribbon with the club's founding year "EST-1982". A special feature with a noble human significance is the image of two burning red flames on both sides of the shield. They represent the tribute to the 96 victims of the Hillsborough disaster. The Liverpool team has confirmed its position and name in the English Premier League color. Along with the strength, name and logo left a strong impression in the hearts of fans. It can be said that this is one of the impressive logo symbols in Premier League football.


Impressive and powerful logo of the Liverpool team

Chelsea Club has a strong Premier League team logo

Chelsea is also known as The Blues with the meaning of the shirt color being blue. Therefore, we are not too surprised when the Chelsea logo is the signature green color of the team.

As a team with a long history (1905), it can be said that the longest of the clubs (club) has participated in the premier league, along with a series of impressive achievements. 6 national championship cups, 8 Fa cups, 5 league cups, 4 English super cups, 1 Champion League championship, 2 Europa League championships, 2 C2 cups, 1 European Super Cup. It is no exaggeration to say that Chelsea is a green lion that is not easily subdued, although only finishing third in the most prestigious league in England, the English Premier League, but in this new season, Chelsea with The old factor and the new in new positions, Chelsea seem to be blowing a new wind, making The Blue more and more steadfast on the way to the championship. Passionate fans of The Blue often predict tonight's soccer match before their team plays, to both show their love for their team and satisfy their passion for betting their own.


With the iconic blue color of the logo, Chelsea is also known as The Blue

Chelsea's logo has a circular design like a ball with 2 circles. The inner circle has a blue lion in the center of the logo. This is a symbol of the power of former club president Count Cadogan has the title of Viscount Chelsea. The lion turned his head and opened his mouth wide with a majestic red tongue full of pride. The lion is holding the staff with his front legs. It is the symbol of the parish priest of Westminster and the marquis of Chelsea. The blue lion standing in the white ball stands out. The outer ring of this circular logo is the name of the team. The words "CHELSEA" are at the top and "FOOTBALL CLUB" is at the bottom. In contrast to the lion, the white text written on a blue background creates a unique contrast.

The logo circle outside also has 2 balls and 2 roses with red color corresponding to the two sides. The balls represent the sport of kings and the roses are the symbol of England's impressive fancy icon showing the strength of the team. Audience in particular is very easy to remember this logo. This team located in London, England used to hold the championship of the tournament. This is a team as strong as their logo.

Manchester United team

In the ancient Greek, the word manchester means lung - the breath that sustains life. Of course the word Manchester stood next to the United word to show more harmony and formal style. Fans also commented that stone is the harmony of the breath with life. The logo of the team bearing the Manchester city badge attached to the MU team makes a strong impression on the world. Since the 80s the new Manchester team has its own logo. The red devil image is associated with the nickname Manchester team. The red devil represents the fighting spirit of the team. When you look at the logo image you will see the spirit of the team.

The colors and decorations highlight the team name. The Manchester city logo is used only in the finals. This is a logo with a strong imprint, not only stands out but also makes a great impression on the opponent.


The change in logos of teams over the years

Arsenal football team logo

The Arsenal team logo has changed over the past 53 years. Up to now Arsenal logo design is simple but not so that the team lacks great growth and fame. Part of the logo of the cannon is facing the east, full of courage Over the years, the Arsenal team logo also has many different meanings. The impression that the fans received from this logo is their love and enthusiasm. 

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