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Sustaining Your Energy Throughout the Day

Do you get tired quickly? If so, you are not alone. Many people struggle to sustain their energy throughout the day. Sometimes it could mean they don’t exercise enough or eat foods with rich nutrients and minerals. Other times it could mean that they feel depressed or sad for some reason. 

Several variables influence our energy levels. In most cases, the reasons for low energy are physical rather than mental. The human body needs to absorb food molecules and convert them into chemical energy for its cells. If you don’t eat the right foods or consume enough calories, your body won’t function properly. That is when you’ll start to feel tired and sluggish.

The central nervous system releases a sleep-inducing chemical called adenosine to replenish its energy levels via sleep. However, if you consume a lot of caffeine, it can block the release of adenosine so that you don’t feel tired. That would be an example of artificial energy because caffeine manipulates your central nervous system to tell the body it is not tired. But once the effects of the caffeine wear off, the body’s demand for sleep increases drastically. This is known as the “caffeine crash.”

For this reason, you should not try to increase your energy with coffee or energy drinks. They will give you a false sense of energy. About halfway through your day, you’ll start to get tired and want to crash on the couch. That is why you’re much better off sticking with natural methods to sustain your energy throughout the day. 

Essential Oils

Essential oils and diffusers are a form of aromatherapy. The oils are extracted from various plants with specific medicinal or herbal properties. The most popular essential oil-producing plants include peppermint, eucalyptus, thyme, lavender, lemongrass, and rose. Each type of oil is believed to offer its own unique benefits to users. These benefits could be a better mood, enhanced focus, reduced stress, and more energy.

Eastern medicine seems to support the effectiveness of essential oil more than western medicine. Use your own best judgment when deciding whether essential oils and aromatherapy are suitable for you. They won’t cure any particular health condition, but they have the potential to make you feel better and more energetic. 


Self care represents the actions we take to improve our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health. It doesn’t mean you have to be a selfish person to practice self-care. It just means you take action to satisfy your basic needs, such as nutrition, exercise, sleep, and overall wellness. You’d be surprised how many people neglect their self-care in these areas. 

If you want to improve your energy with self-care, start by purchasing a high-quality mattress that doesn’t sag or lose support. The Big Fig Mattress is one example of a good mattress that meets these requirements. It will help keep your body aligned throughout the night, which could make you feel more energetic in the morning.

Natural Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone is an essential hormone for men. The benefits of testosterone include:

  • Enhances libido and sex drive
  • Strengthens bones
  • Builds muscle mass
  • Increases sperm count
  • Increases energy

Unfortunately, men’s bodies stop producing as much testosterone as they get older. This can make them feel weaker throughout their days. Natural testosterone boosters are supplements that can reverse this effect by helping men naturally produce more testosterone in their bodies. 

Rowing Machine Workouts

It can be challenging to find time to go to the gym. You might only have 20 minutes or so to exercise each day. If that’s the case, you should try some rowing machine workouts to get your body moving in the morning. A small cardiovascular workout like rowing will increase the air and blood flow throughout the body so that you can feel energized for the rest of the day.

Beet Juice

Beets are considered a superfood. Clinical research has shown that beets can increase nitric oxide production, boost energy, improve stamina, and provide antioxidants to eliminate free radicals. 

You don’t have to eat raw beets, though. There are beet powder supplements that make it easy to consume large quantities of beets in juice form. Just mix the beet powder with water or any beverage and drink it. It shouldn’t take long for the energy to kick into action. 


No single product can sustain your energy alone. You still have to put in the effort with good nutrition and exercise. But if you want to increase your energy levels and maintain them throughout the day, stick with natural-based sources only. Eliminate caffeine and chemical-based foods and supplements from your daily diet.

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