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How Paul Kraus Changed his Lifestyle to Become the Longest Survivor of Mesothelioma Ever

Paul Kraus is known as the longest survivor of mesothelioma in the world today. He has managed to survive with the disease for a total of 21 years. In most cases, this cancer will kill a person within nine months after they’re diagnosed. This makes it one of the most lethal types of cancer in the world today.

But just how did Paul change his lifestyle to increase his chances of survival?

It’s All in the Diet

One of the ways in which Paul fought mesothelioma was to make major changes to his diet. He cut out bad foods, such as alcohol, along with various fatty foods. In short, he made a huge number of changes that put less stress on his body. In other words, he cut out useless calories.

In their place, he started to ingest large amounts of fruits and vegetables.

He prioritized leafy greens, which research has shown to actively fight against cancer cells. There was also a strong focus on foods loaded with antioxidants.

Large amounts of antioxidants are required to ensure that the body has what it needs to actively fight off the growth of cancer cells.

The Value of a Positive Mindset on Fighting Cancer

A positive mindset is another one of the keys to success that Paul valued. Depression and anxiety are incredibly common amongst cancer sufferers.

It’s important to mention that Paul still has mesothelioma. He hasn’t found a cure for the disease because there simply is no cure for the disease. He must live with that for the rest of his life, which puts a huge amount of emotional strain on a person.

Sufferers of depression and anxiety are downhearted, less likely to take an active interest in their treatment, and deal with more stress.

All this contributes to a gradual weakening of the body, which can be fatal when it comes to mesothelioma.

How Paul Maintained a Positive Mindset

Paul acted and made time in his day for regular yoga and meditation. Studies on meditation have shown that regular sessions can improve a person’s frame of mind and make them more mentally resilient.

He noted that he was less anxious when he spent just 30 minutes of time meditating every day. When combined with yoga, this enabled him to banish much of the natural anxiety and feelings of sadness that came with bearing the load of a terminal disease.

Keeping the Body Physically Strong

To avoid wasting away, Paul also made time for light forms of exercise. He took regular walks and engaged in gentle forms of yoga.

The importance of exercise is two-fold. It prevents muscle wasting and releases endorphins that bolster mental resilience. Research into the advantages of exercise for mental health is well-documented and it contributed to Paul’s survival.

Last Word – Is it Really All About Lifestyle Change?

It’s amazing how simple lifestyle changes can increase the chances of Surviving Mesothelioma. Paul has gone out of his way to reveal how beneficial lifestyle change can be. He’s living proof that this really works.

Do you believe lifestyle change has a big role to play when it comes to beating mesothelioma?

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