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5 Common Supplement Shopping
Mistakes to Avoid Online

supplement shopping

True or false: the FDA always recalls dangerous supplements.

The correct answer is false!

Over 750 supplement companies were caught tainting their products with prescription medications. However, only 46% of the brand went through recalls. One of the hidden drug ingredients discovered was sibutramine, which can be deadly for people with a history of heart disease or stroke.

When you know what supplement shopping mistakes to avoid, you can separate the safe brands from the dangerous ones. Before you start buying supplements online, you’ll want to read this short but complete guide. The information you learn could wind up saving your life.

Read on to learn 5 mistakes to avoid when buying supplements.

1. Forgetting to Read Online Customer Reviews

One of the biggest supplement shopping mistakes is forgetting to read online customer reviews. When you’re reading the reviews, make sure they’re from within the last year.

Since supplement companies change their recipes a lot, outdated reviews won’t be of any use to you. If there aren’t any reviews for a supplement, that’s a red flag that you’re dealing with an unsafe, or ineffective product.

2. Buying the Wrong Products for Your Goals

Next, take into account your long-term health goals before you make an online purchase. The more detailed you can be about your goals, the easier it’ll be to find supplements that can deliver.

For instance, do you want to lose weight, grow your hair, or have healthier skin? You should only look for supplements that are engineered with your specific goals in mind.

3. Failing to Talk to Your Doctor

Right before you buy dietary supplements, reach out to your doctor for a blood test. A blood test will let you know what your current vitamin levels are. A blood test will help you avoid health complications from vitamin toxicity.

You can also undergo genetic testing, from sites like, so you can customize your health plan even more. The more you know about your genetics, and vitamin levels, the easier it'll be to find the right supplements.

4. Making Purchases on Sketchy Websites

Moving on, make sure you’re only making purchases from reputable supplement websites. One way to tell if a website’s reputable is by looking for a “contact us”, section. If the company doesn’t have any way for you to get in touch with them, take your business elsewhere.

5. Not Reading the Labels on Products

Last but not least, you have to take the time to read labels on products. While looking at the label, do a quick internet search for every ingredient the supplement contains.

Here are a few ingredients you’ll want to avoid:

  • Aconite
  • Caffeine powder
  • Usnic acid

In addition to the list above, you’ll also want to avoid chaparral since it can cause kidney and liver damage.

Don’t Make Supplement Shopping Mistakes

Avoiding supplement shopping mistakes means you’ll be protecting your wallet, and your health. Go ahead and schedule an appointment with your doctor today so you can determine what your vitamin levels are. Then use the tips in this article to begin your supplement search.

Are you ready to learn more ways to invest in your health and well being? Then go ahead and read another one of our articles.

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