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Tips for Eating Fried Foods in a healthier Way

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By Indy Summers

Most of us have a soft spot when it comes to fried foods, however, many of us suffer for this love of unhealthy foods. If you often feel terrible after consuming greasy foods, then you should really consider investing into a nuwave air fryer. This kitchen gadget is a must have for any family that needs to cut back on their grease intake; which in all honesty is most households.

This machine is amazing considering it uses heat versus oil to fry your favorite foods. Although, it is necessary to coat your food with oil before cooking so the food will have a crispy outside once done. The great thing about using less oil is the fact that you are reducing your fat and calorie intake. You will rest easy knowing you are using healthier oils for frying versus peanut or vegetable oil that offers very little health benefits. An airfryer also allows you to have the ability to opt for healthier foods such as crispy zucchini or sweet potato fries. There is no more need to spend large amounts of money on pre-made or frozen foods. Not only are you saving money at the grocery store, but you can rest assured your fried foods are fresher than you will ever buy in the frozen aisle at the grocery store.

You will enjoy the convenience of how small these appliances truly are; most can fit on the countertop, which makes it perfect for even a college student living in a cramped dorm room. The added bonus of no greasy clean-up is great for any lover of fried foods. Most foods will cook within 10 to 20 minutes, but you need not worry about standing around waiting for your food to cook. Instead, you simply need to set the timer, and tend to more pressing matters such as daily chores until you hear the beep. All of a sudden house work comes with a healthy reward, and this is a bonus for any lover of fried foods.

You can prepare more than just fried chicken and french fries in an air fryer. Imagine making your favorite muffins, chips, or even grilled vegetables in a fraction of the time it takes to cook in the oven. This is easily accomplished with the use of hot air circulation for cooking. The use of this form of frying eliminates the greasy smell that often lingers for hours after traditional frying. You will also enjoy the ability to prepare different meals at once if you invest in a fryer that has a food separator. This is a great way to save time, as well as please multiple appetites at once.

With so many advantages, there truly is no reason to continue standing around waiting for food to cook while oil is popping and making a mess. Instead, opt to utilize a healthier, more compact, and faster form of preparing fried foods. You will find that over time you feel better, and your kitchen is cleaner. If you need to give up fried foods for the sake of your health, then consider making the transition to a healthier way to consume your favorite foods.

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