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5 Ways to Reduce the Stress in Your Life


By Indy Summers

We all know that there is stress and that it can be bad for you. We also know that there is good stress that keeps you motivated and allows you to be productive and active. The real question is how do we keep the bad stress out of our life and keep the good stress at a healthy level?

Here are 5 things you can do to reduce stress:

Start Meditating

This is a great solution for some people. If you haven’t tried it you may want to consider it. There are different apps and also YouTube videos that are easily accessible for you on your smart device. Sarah Blondin’s Insight Timer is a great resource for those beginning to meditate.

Get Moving

You have probably already heard this one but exercising to cut stress really does work. Exercising increases your serotonin levels and keeps hormones that create anxiety at bay. There are different forms of exercise so if you didn’t like one there are a lot of different ones for you to try.

Yoga is a great way to beat anxiety while cardio can get your heart pumping. Others find that running is something they really enjoy while others could spend hours at the gym. Whatever you decide on doesn’t matter as long as it gets you moving and keeps you active.

Check Your Health

If you constantly feel stressed or are having panic or anxiety attacks on a regular basis it is time to go to a medical professional. A general practitioner can point you in the right direction to a therapist or psychiatrist. These doctors can help you live more stress free and teach you how to manage stress in a healthy manner.

Besides mental health there is also your physical and spiritual well being. You may need to go to a doctor for a physical check up. It is also important to be eating healthy and make sure that you are getting enough sleep.

Consider Essential Oils

You may have heard crazy reviews about essential oils and how they can do things like cure cancer. While this may not be true there are some health benefits to using essential oils. There are different Young Living Reviews that show how you can use essential oils to benefit your health and beat your everyday stress.

Cut Out the Bad Things

As humans we just can’t do it all. There is so much pressure to do and be everything but at the end of the day this leads to burn out and misery. Focus on what is really important to you and cut out things that are toxic, whether that is relationships or self defeating behaviors. Remember that the goal is for progress, not perfection. You are going to make mistakes while trying to cut toxic things out of your life and as long as you keep trying that is all that really matters.

You don’t have to become perfect overnight and remember this is a process so be patient with yourself on your journey.

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