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Why You Should Be Sleeping on Your Back
and How to get Used to It

sleep on back

By Indy Summers

Throughout the day, our heads are drawn to the ground. We stare at phones, books, computer screens, and a lot of other things that cause us to get bad posture over time. One other way how people develop poor posture over time is by how they sleep. As most of us already know, we sleep for about 1/3 of our lifetime. You can kind of think how this could take a toll on your spine and overall balance of your body. Sleeping on your side and sleeping on your stomach are among the worst positions you can lay while falling asleep. Yes, most of us do move in our sleep. As a matter of fact, I can't even remember what position I fell asleep in nor what I woke up in. However, making good sleeping habits now can really impact your health for the better in the future. In this article, I am going to be showing you why sleeping on your back is the best position you can have.

1. Is it a natural position?

When you sleep on your stomach or on your side, it is unnatural for your body to do so. If you sleep on your stomach, you either have to turn your head left or right. This creates a practically permanent rotation of the cervical spine. You may find it easier to turn your head one way than another way. This is probably because of how you sleep. By sleeping on your back, you are taking all of the pressure off of the upper cervical vertebrates, joints, and muscles in the neck. The best way to do this is to sleep on a medium firm mattress. Too soft of a mattress will cause pelvic pressure and too hard of a mattress will be uncomfortable. Even though it would be pretty uncomfortable to use a pillow during the night, it would be the best sleeping position both anatomically and physiologically. The spine and neck would be completely neutral and the rest of your body would remain in balance. If you are a snorer or have chronic sleep apnea, I would definitely not recommend sleeping on your back but rather your side instead.

2. Can you change your position?

It is totally possible to change your sleeping position over time. It is just going to require some things as well as a little patience. One of the things people like to do is put a pregnancy pillow next to you so that you don't roll over onto your stomach. One thing to consider is to get a talalay latex mattress to help improve your posture when you sleep. It provides just the right amount of support while keeping you comfortable the whole night, allowing you to get a good night's' sleep.

3. What are the consequences?

If you choose to follow this advice, you will most likely experience great overall health throughout your life. If you continue to sleep on your stomach, you will wear out the joints in your neck and your neck muscles will be in a fixed position that is hardwired by your body. Over time, this will create chronic osteoarthritis which will probably last forever on. This is mostly due to the fact that the cartilage has been so run down over time. As I always say in my works, it is better to pay the price today than it is to pay the price tomorrow. The price you pay in the future for not prioritizing your sleeping positions is often very expensive and painful. Whether you have to pay for a pregnancy pillow or get the mattress I recommended earlier, do it! It is not worth sacrificing your health for.

In the end, sleep is a great thing. It allows us to get re-energized and refueled for the upcoming day. However, not making it a priority is irresponsible on our part. We must make it one so that we can have great health in the years to come.

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