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How to Make a Difference in the Environment

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By Indy Summers

People are continually learning how to make an impact on their surroundings. Schools have clubs and classes that focus on social issues, and these are places where students learn how they can change the environment for the better. Ways to impact the environment and preserve resources is one of the most popular courses in schools today. Everyone has a role in protecting and taking care of their surroundings. These are a few simple tips to make a difference in the environment.

Print as Little as Necessary

Perhaps you have come across a teacher or professor who wants students to submit a copy of every reading or a hard copy of the assignment that is due. Though there is no problem with that, some people still don’t understand how unnecessary printing papers can be detrimental to their surroundings. Focus has, however, now shifted to the use of e-readers and laptops to try to reduce the amount of litter around workplaces and schools. Alternatively, print assignments on both sides of a paper to use as little papers as necessary.

Use Reusable Bags

Most plastic bags end up in landfill or unintended places. Domestic animals may even mistake these plastic bags for food or get suffocated when they get stuck in them. As such, whether you are shopping for books, clothes, and food, always use reusable bags. Reusable bags prevent domestic animals from getting stuck in them and cut down on litter. Some grocery stores even offer discounts for shopping with reusable bags. Besides shopping, people can use reusable bags for a move. People prefer storing a few reusable bags in their cars so that they don’t buy a new one or leave home without a carrier bag. If you must use a plastic bag, try to reuse them for something else or the next time you go shopping. Don’t be too quick to throw a plastic bag away; instead, try to reuse it as much as you can. For example, Salvi Earth produces handwoven bags that are made of 100% Recycled Plastic by local artisans in El Salvador.


Though often overlooked, recycling is a simple way of making a significant difference to the environment. Many garbage collection services offer a recycling option, so check with your garbage disposal company to see if they can help recycle some of your stuff. You might have to check with the relevant authorities to find out if recycling options are available in your neighborhood. Another way to recycle is to keep anything recyclable near trash cans.

Save Electricity

Global Vision International (GVI), a global organization that focuses on environmental conservation recommends using energy-efficient bulbs instead of regular ones. Energy-efficient bulbs last longer and can help homeowners save on their energy bill. Be sure to turn off any appliance, TV, or lights when they are not in use. It may also be prudent to lower your HVAC system when it isn’t necessary to reduce energy consumption. Consider layering clothes and opening windows in the early fall to save on electricity bill.

Carpool When Possible

Vehicles are harmful to the surroundings. Riding a bike, walking, or taking public transportation to work or school is an option that can help preserve the environment and lower your bills. Riding a bike or taking a walk to work is also a better option to exercise. Compares places of residency and schedules with your work or school timetable and see if there are ways you can avoid using a car. Split the cost of fuel and determine when driving a car to school or work is necessary. That is cheaper and more eco-friendly than driving a car to work or school every day.

Save Water

People waste water more frequently than they realize. One way to save water is to turn the faucet or sink off when brushing your teeth. Alternatively, invest in a touchless kitchen faucet so that the water does not flow unnecessarily whenever you use it. Limit water usage when washing utensils and don’t turn the shower on until you are ready to get in the bathroom. Being cautious when using water will make a significant difference to the environment and increase your savings.

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