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What You Can Get in Your Home
to Improve Your Mental Health

By Indy Summers

When it comes to mental health, no expense should be spared for your continued well-being. Unfortunately, people don't always pamper themselves and treat themselves with the luxuries of life that help them maintain a stress-free lifestyle that improves their mental health. In fact, people often will hold out and tough it rather than invest in items for their own personal self-indulgence. If you are the type of person who is used to just grinning and bearing it when you feel in a funk, you should really consider how a few simple upgrades to your living arrangements can significantly improve your mental health and sense of well-being. Let's discuss these items in detail below.

#1: A Vitamin-D Lamp

For just a few hundred dollars, you can beat those winter blues with a Vitamin-D lamp. This UVB ray ultraviolet light fixture provides the UVB rays you need to stimulate natural Vitamin-D production in the body. So many people in overcast and cold areas fail to absorb enough sunlight and find themselves becoming Vitamin-D deficient without even knowing it. All you need to do is sit in front of this lamp for 5-minutes every other day to recharge your soul. Because it is something that you can use every other day for the rest of your life, it is worth the investment. It is also something that you can share with the whole family to create a communal atmosphere that breaks down insolence and antisocial behaviors.

#2: A Home Gym

There is nothing quite like being able to workout at home. The convenience of being able to pump some iron or do a little elliptical routine whenever you are feeling energetic and in the mood is a super-luxury. When you work out regularly, you will feel better in mind and body. Because your mind is an extension of the ego that emanates from your brain, which is integrated as an essential part of your body, it is hard to achieve one without the other. The thing to be careful about when you invest in a home gym, however, is that you should only invest in professional equipment. Although it may be easier and cheaper to find consumer home gym equipment marketed for individuals, these products can be dangerous and flimsy substitutes.

#3: A Swimming Pool

Having an indoor pool is a great way to cool off and have fun indoors if you live in a wintery area. If you live in the deep south, pool builders in Dallas and other southern cities can build you a year-round pool that can be used inside or outside. Because swimming is the most progressive total body workout around for people all ages, it should top the list of home upgrades. The resistance of the water that you must overcome to swim and the number of strokes and activities that can be held around the pool, all add up to a huge mental health upgrade and ego boost. It can also improve your social life and diminish feelings of isolation that can occur in dense city areas and rural communities alike.

#4: A Comfortable Bed

A comfortable bed may sound like it is a quality of opinion issue. However, if you try out a number of mattresses out there and choose the one that is the most comfortable without regard for price, you can set yourself up for hours of relaxation and stress-relief. Some of the new memory foam mattresses coming to the market are covered with bamboo covers for coolness and breathability while retaining this ideal texture to cradle you to sleep. They also sell memory foam pillows and other ultra-comfortable pillows that upgrade your sleep experience. Finding that Goldilocks zone to doze off in at night is so important because more than a third of your life is spent sleeping. People should also ensure that they have nice quiet and dark rooms to sleep in so that they develop the maximum melatonin levels and easily attain Rapid-Eye-Movement (REM) sleep that is necessary to prevent psychosis.

Indy Summers is a freelance writer interested in fashion, healthy living, and fitness. She has worked as an esthetician, as a personal trainer, and as a freelance model for several years. As such, she considers herself an expert in these industries and all topics related to them.

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