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Knowing the 4 Subtle Signs of Depression

Signs of Depression

Our mental health is one of the 3 dimensions of health along with physical and social health. Balancing them is important to live a healthy life and when it comes down to mental health, one of the biggest signs that one’s mental health isn’t that good is depression. Depression can easily make you feel and think of things you don’t want to think about and would often result in you trying to hide it from others. Furthermore, it is also possible to not realize you have depression until you notice the typical symptoms associated with it.

Finding a professional psychologist to give depression counseling Inner West Sydney is possible the best way to take steps towards fixing this problem. Not everyone is willing to visit a psychologist and sometimes needs a little push to do it. Noticing the subtle signs of depression is essential to helping yourself and others who have depression if you noticed a slow shift in their recent behavior which is why we have gathered here some of these signs.

Changes in the Sleeping Habits

While it is almost impossible to know someone’s sleeping habits, it is not impossible to know the general time they go to bed. Insomnia is a common symptom associated with depression and is often the main reason why people can have changes in their sleeping habits

A strong link between one’s mood and their ability to sleep can easily be established. Depression can contribute to either a lack of sleep or too much of it. A change in sleeping habits isn’t only limited to losing sleep but can extend to sleeping for longer periods. 

A person who feels depressed might find it hard to sleep or is sleeping too often which is why one’s sleeping habits serve as a subtle sign that one might have depression

Unexplainable Fatigue

Continuing from the previous sign, a lack of energy and signs of fatigue are other signs of depression. While it is normal to feel tired after a long day of doing work, it is not normal to feel tired for no reason especially if you haven’t been doing anything for the most part.

Fatigue without any explanation or continuous instances of it on top of other symptoms usually leads to a person feeling depressed or having something heavy in their mind.

A shift in Appetite and Weight

People have different ways they cope with the feeling of depression. Our eating habits serve as one of the things that get affected how we deal with coping as we tend to eat too much or too little. While a person can change their appearance and weight if they put their mind to it, a sudden shift and change should be alarming to you.

Changes in appearance and weight can serve as a subtle sign of depression as people can cope by eating food for comfort or not feeling like eating at all because of their mood. If you notice someone close to you not eating their usual amount of food, you might want to consider checking up on them and asking if there’s anything wrong like an upset stomach or the like.

Excessive Pessimism

Optimism and pessimism are two sides of the same coin. It is almost impossible for the two to exist without each other as you need both of them to remain grounded in reality. It is normal for people to feel nihilistic and pessimistic now and then but continuous instances of pessimism despite nothing going on can be very bad for your mental health.

Similar to how toxic excessive optimism can be, excessive pessimism makes for a subtle sign of depression as it can influence the way you think about your life. It can also affect your mood to a certain degree and can cause you to feel general disinterest in things you used to like.

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