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6 Most Stylish Smoking Pipes

Whether it’s your first time smoking a pipe or if you’re a seasoned smoker who knows their tobacco; let’s agree that it can be quite a project to find the right pipe. Things get more difficult for beginners who want to experiment with pipes and try them out for fun. Regardless, we all know that pipes are an investment - no matter their price. Besides, the ‘wrong’ pick could ruin your initial experiences which are super important in setting the tone right.

So, to make things easier for you, we’ve boiled it down to how you can pick the right pipe as well as the best-selling tobacco pipes in the world.

Here we go...

Things to Consider Before Buying:

smoking pipe

- Choose Your Material

Material and construct are super important. When it comes to pipes, 3 materials are most common - briar wood, meerschaum, and corn cobs. Briarwood has remained, so far, the most popular option. It’s highly durable, breathable, and heat-resistant. It’s also super porous on a microscopic level which allows it to absorb oil and heat which are a result of the burning of tobacco. They are available easily in both retail and online shops like the Big Daddy Smoke. Corn cob pipes are made from, well, corn cobs. And lastly, meerschaum pipes are the expensive, premium ones.

- Choose Your Shape

Some shapes work better for some than others. So, you will have to factor that in as well. There is fat and skinny shape. There are pipes with long stems as well as short ones. It’s not uncommon for most buyers to pick one that just ‘feels’ right simply looking at it.

You can always read some helpful articles online that guide you through the mechanics of different pipes.

- Filter or No Filter

In the USA, most pipes are without filters but in most European countries, users prefer to go with filtered pipes. The difference is that with the filter, most of that authentic taste of tobacco is detracted which is something that most people are aiming for especially if they do not inhale the smoke. However, if you are not big on such things, you can go with filtered one too.

- Price

Pipes can cost you as low as ten dollars and can go up to being as costly as $1000. A beginner is never recommended to stick with the higher end of the price. Start with the cheap but promising ones and as you get comfortable, you can always move towards the higher price category. In the end, it all boils down to what gives you the most out of your existing budget limit.

Best Smoking Pipes:

smoking pipe

- Savinelli Miele Honey Tobacco Pipe

This unusual design in briar build comes from the Italian pipe maker, Savinelli. This particular design features honey-flavored chambers to add to the experience.

The golden chestnut finish gives it an appealing look while the stem carries an acrylic honeycomb pattern. This is a clear winner in the category of finest pipes. What's more, it also comes in the style of honey drizzlers. It’s compatible with 6mm filters.

- Chacom Atlas Taupe Smoking Pipe

The fusion between Comoy and Chapuis - the two pipe making families gave birth to Chacom pipes. This fusion happened in 1922. Today, this establishment continues to craft pipes somewhere around the France-Swiss border.

The 'Atlas' range is beautifully-crafted and one of a kind. Their ‘briar’ ones boast of a marble finish with an unusual glossy grain. The stem is a while acrylic one which gives a nice contrast to the other common smoking pipes.

Compatible with 9 mm filters, there are several shapes and sizes available to pick from.

- Comoy’s Tradition Smoking Pipe

Comoy has been making French briar smoking pipes well before the world was even aware of the benefits of briarwood in the making of tobacco pipes. It has been crafting pipes since 1825. We already talked about the fusion with Chapius family but Comoy continues to produce pipes under the family line as well.

However, since the designs are rather traditional, most of them are not compatible with modern filters.

- Stanwell Army Mount Tobacco Pipe

The company was founded by Poul Nielsen in 1942 to create pipes that catered to the Danish Market. It started with making bench pipes since English and briar ones were rare commodities.

It was later in 1948 that the brand was renamed to Stanwell.

In 1969, the factory relocated to outside of Copenhagen before the production moved to Italy in 2010. Stanwell is one of the companies that are famous for making premium, high-quality pipes owing to their excellent craftsmanship.

The Army Mount pipes feature silver shank caps with removable stems when they become hot. The finish of all products is superb and eye-catching.

- Missouri Meerschaum Country Gentleman Pipe

The company was founded by a Dutch-American woodworker in 1869 and happens to be one of the oldest pipe companies in the world. It’s also one of the largest makers of corn cob pipes.

Although it makes meerschaum pipes, the offerings from the company are rather affordable so everyone gets to experience that fine smoking experience. The Gentlemen collection, in particular, stands out from the rest. It carries a beautiful dark stain finish and the hardwood inserts add to the charm.

Additionally, most of their pipes work well with filters and you can buy their products without burning a hole in your pocket. Country Gentlemen pipes are available in both bent and straight stem designs.

- Colonial Gouda Clay Smoking Pipe

That’s right! There exists such a thing as ‘clay pipes’. They have existed since the early 17th century and are often seen as ‘disposable’ pipes. But, they are not as easy to get the hang of because of their narrow bore. However, they do offer a delicate and pure smoking experience.

Gouda pipes come from Holland and if you’re up for a challenge, for the pipes from their collection. The company offers select styles but the marble one in clay finish is one of the most popular in the category of 7-inch models.


We hope you like this comprehensive list of the finest tobacco pipes from around the world. Do try them out and spread the word with others.

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