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Styling Ideas for Round-Faced Bald Men

With time, baldness has developed more as a style statement than as a hair loss effect. More and more men look at a bald head as an uncomplicated solution to styling their hair. A bald head reflects dominance, a leadership aura, and an alluring personality besides an attractive influence upon the other sex. Since a bald head has arisen as a prominent hairstyle, men opting for a bald head also look forward to proper grooming to create a presentable look. As much as an electric head razor is important to maintain the bald head so are the styling tips to groom for that look. Here, in this post, some styling tips are shared for round-faced bald men to achieve a stylish look.

Opting for a bald head or losing your hair to alopecia, with a round face, can make the face appear fuller and rounder, so it becomes important to give beard grooming a serious thought.

  • Beard Grooming: For a round face, a structured or long beard style can be more suitable. A bald head with a beard is a perfect combination for an attractive and appealing look, all that is required is to select a beard style that suits your personality and is comforting for you to carry. Besides, a beard can help to balance the shape of the face and the bald head. However, what remains important is a well-trimmed, brushed, and groomed beard because if it is not well maintained then it is not worth it.
  • Hitting the Gym: Hitting the Gym can help to get a muscular and well-maintained lean body. And a muscular body is always more attractive and makes one look handsome. So, burning the extra fat and opting for a size smaller can just work magic on the bald look. Moreover working out can help in giving a chiseled face that looks anytime better than a fuller face.
  • Right Collar: It may sound insane but a collar plays an important part of the dressing, opting for the right collar both for formal and informal dress codes. A collar should always contrast the roundness of the face. Having the collar tips pointed downwards with a short distance between them can contradict the voluptuousness of the face.
  • Glasses for the smart look: As much of a platitude as it sounds, glasses do make one look wiser and smarter. However, what remains important is to opt for the correct frame, as frames do help to add a balance and define the facial features, so it is only feasible that the frame should be selected as such to act as a contrast. To opt for a comfortable and safe choice, it is better to go with square and rectangular frames that have hard angles. Besides, frames provide a slimming effect to the face and add lines and borders to the face.
  • Hats: Hats can come as a statement piece for a bald man and can be a styling feature. However, hats should be used as an accessory and not as an option to hide the bald head. Embracing baldness with confidence is what makes it a style, so hiding behind hats is a complete NO. Rather hats can be used during summer noons to avoid burning or during winters to keep away the coldness.
  • Electric Head Shaver: It is very important to maintain the bald look religiously and for that to follow it is required to invest in head shavers. Look for the best electric head shaver in the market to get that perfect and smooth dome that would make people attracted. Head shavers are the perfect grooming kit for a bald man along with pre-shave oils and aftershave gel. Aftershave care is another important aspect of grooming, it is essential to take care of the scalp by moisturizing the scalp and also offering sun protection.
  • Shades: Shades never fail to create an impression, but it is important to give a thought to the frame shapes. A bald man with shades looks quite alluring and eye-catchy, as shades offer the balance to the bland bald look.

Final Word -

Being Bald and stylish is the new craze among men who are open to experiments. The only important thing is to know what fits you, there are no doubt many options and choices available to make a bald appearance look great but picking up the one that works for you is important. With both the bald style and the buzz hairstyle being quite popular there are many electric head razor available that guide you through the process of styling and works wonder to create the look. However, it is important to have a basic understanding of the styles and learn to add definitions, balance, and contrast to the round face for better styling goals. Remember to create your own style that is unique and unconventional and be groomed and well-maintained always. And what remains of paramount importance is to be confident and have belief in yourself. Confidence and a smile are the best attire that one can wear, so never underestimate yourself and be ready to charm the world.

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