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Students: 10 Ways to Beat Stress

By Vitalii Anufriiev

It is quite easy to assume that students have everything easy and straightforward. Before they step into the practical experiences of life, student life is said to be the easy life. However, that is not true.

Beat Stress

From the burden of countless assignments to maintaining the perfect GPA for a scholarship, student life is anything, but easy. In addition to the academic requirements, students juggle with part-time jobs as well. Having that said, it is only human to assume that these individuals can fall deeply into stress. From the overwhelming feeling on how to handle the tasks to keeping a decent record, indeed, this entire phase can be stressful.

We have complied 10 activities that are very helpful, we use them on the regular basis at Writing Metier. So if even one of them can be adopted, it will definitely be useful for stress relieving.

1. Exercise on a regular basis

Scientifically proven, exercising can be a huge stress reliever. With the release of chemical energy, it can give you a much-needed break. In your day, give yourself a break of 30 to 45 minutes. Do cardio, HIIT, or weight training. This will not only be your fitness regime but will also allow you to relax and focus on yourself.

2. Focus on your diet

Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables is important when it comes to focusing on diet. Add vitamin C to your diet as they are good for the immune system and hence, reducing the stress.

While most of the students feel they don’t have time to cook, taking out time to cook your favorite meal can be really therapeutic.

3. Meditation

While this point might be a simple thing, mediation can have a really soothing effect on you. Mediating 10 minutes a day can reduce stress levels. Give it a shot after reading this passage and be the judge of it. With the oxygen surging through the bloodstream, you will notice how calm it makes one feel.

4. Take a break from social media

Well, this one largely depends on your view over social media. If you feel needs to chill and when social media is getting too much for you, take a break from your social media accounts. Deactivate for a while; remove all the applications. Sleep without logging onto your Facebook and you will see the difference.

Beat Stress

5. Get yourself a pet

Research has proven how getting a pet and spending time with it can be good for someone’s health. Even patting a dog for a while can allow you to release hormones that can make you feel good, happy and reduce the amount of stress.

6. Quit Smoking

While smoking is said to be an agent for relaxation, research claims that nicotine limits the serotonin, a hormone that fights stress. So aside from the health associations, here’s another reason for you to quit smoking.

7. Listen to your favorite music

Music really calms the mood and nerves down and can lead to putting you in a better mood. Listen to your favorite band or musician when you are feeling stressed. Give yourself a break of a few minutes.

8. Watch your favorite TV show or movie

There are shows like "F-R-I-E-N-D-S", which calm the mood of people. Every once in a while, you need to give yourself a break and watch your favorite show to feel happy and have a few laughs. Unwind yourself, grab your favorite pizza and watch something you really love.

9. Sleep

Sleeping is said to be the best medicine as a mood lifter. Some people believe that taking power naps, such as sleeping for a few minutes, can lead to productivity. While students invest too much time on social media, their assignments and phone calls, it is fun to shut everything down for a while and take a nap.

10. Laugh

Laugh out loud is the best medicine there is and students need to adopt this habit as well. Laughing can increase your oxygen and which automatically increases the blood flow. Hence, it leads to reducing stress.

So, here are a few tips you need to adopt when it comes to reducing stress as a student. Hope it helps!

About the Author:
Vitalii Anufriiev is a co-founder and CMO at Writing Metier. He is focused on digital marketing and brand strategy in his spare time, an adherent of the concept of Byron Sharp. Always believed that the marketing strategy is the key to everything.

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