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Structure of the Dental Implant System

Due to a variety of possibilities; ranging from the development of severe tooth decay to a tooth breaking as a result of physical impact, dental implants provide a restorative substitute designed to stand the test of time.

To accomplish this goal, dental professionals craft their implants from impeccably resilient materials and then utilize powerful techniques for their installation. Assuring they not only enhance the smile’s appearance and reinstate its functionality, but ensure these additions will last upwards of 25 years if cared for accordingly!

Dental Implant System

To gain a thorough grasp on the system of dental implants; let’s review the materials which constitute their structure and exactly what makes them so unique.

A Patient’s Criteria

Before diving deeper, it must be stated that not every single smile meets the requirements to safely and effectively receive an implant installation. Thankfully, the majority of patients are capable enough of accommodating this commonly performed procedure.

When contemplating dental implants as an option, professionals will screen a patient for the follow factors:

  • Adequate jawbone density to withstand and support the implant.
  • A healthy gingiva (gum tissue) capable of recovery.
  • Chronic or systemic conditions like diabetes, cancer, hemophilia, immune deficiencies, and more.
  • Patients with jaws still developing (teenagers) or patients whom are currently pregnant.
  • Those who avoid smoking, drinking, and other substance usage.

With that aside, it’s recommended to visit a talented professional with ample knowledge regarding the implant process to direct you towards your smile’s best option!

Getting a Deeper Look

With that out of the way, let’s dive into how dental implants are crafted and just why exactly they tend to have such impressive lifespans.

The ingenious behind this celebrated process lies primarily behind the three main components of dental implants. This three-part system relates to the initial implant, the connecting abutment, and the crown or bridge to top it all off!

Dental Implant System


Giving the procedure it’s namesake, this component kicks off the installation process and lays the foundation for a soon to be complete smile. Acting as an anchor, the implant is drilled into the patient’s jawbone (that’s where the adequate density requirement comes into play) and contains threads similar to a screw to ensure it remains stable amongst the surrounding tissue and bone.

The implant itself is curated from one of the planet’s most durable yet lightweight materials- titanium. Posing no wonder as to why implants maintain such a sturdy reputation!


Following a period of healing, the dental professional further precedes where the implant left off. The abutment, crafted from resistant metal, is screwed onto the exposed part of the titanium implant; acting as a connector to secure the place of the anticipated false tooth soon to come!

Crown or Bridge

Topping it all off, and restoring the aesthetic and function of the smile to near natural standards, comes the artificial tooth or teeth. These artificial members are crafted from durable materials such as porcelain, resin, and others. Additionally, these false teeth boast the capability to match a variety of colours and shades to best blend into the remaining natural smile!

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