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The 8 Mistakes Most Insomniacs Make

By Tony Strecker

As a result of Chronic Insomnia, people usually try to re-cooperate by taking actions to work around their Insomnia. All these actions actually make Insomnia worse, by drastically weakening the sleep system and perpetuating it instead of solving the problem; because they do not attack the "cause" of Insomnia, only its symptoms.

Here are some of these actions, you'll probably notice what you're doing right now falls somewhere on to this list. Being aware of these actions and their effects will give you a better perspective on your Insomnia

  1. Taking Sleeping Pills
    This is the death rattle, which in most cases turns Insomnia into a life long condition.
  2. Going to bed early, and sleeping late on weekends to "Make up Sleep"
    This makes Insomnia even more likely to happen as you are putting your body temperature levels out of wack. Creating the same effect that jet lag produces. This weakens your body's natural sleep system. You will also limit your exposure to sunlight, which plays a key role in your melatonin hormone levels.
  3. Trying to "make up" sleep with long naps during the day
    This also weakens your body's natural sleep response, as you will be less likely to fall asleep later. Naps are OK, and actually part of a way to cure Insomnia, but only if you take them properly.
  4. Eating large amounts of food, sugar, or candy before going to sleep to try to make yourself sleepy or tired
    Doing this does not solve the "cause" of insomnia, which is a weakened sleep system and a non-responsive "natural sleep response". You may feel sleepy, but you will still wake up Un-rested. Nearly all the sugar you eat is turned into fat by your body, which in turn can create risk of Sleep Apnea.
  5. Drinking alcohol before going to bed to induce sleep
    Many people think that drinking a glass of wine before bed is a good idea. It might make you feel sleepy but the disadvantages are many. Alcohol dehydrates your body, making it more likely you will wake up during the night thirsty for water. You will also most likely feel un-rested, drowsy and dis-oriented the next day (hang-over). Drinking alcohol before bed will also increase fat gain drastically.

    CAUTION: Alcohol should NEVER be combined with sleeping pills, it is extremely dangerous, and it has and can cause death.

  6. Not exercising, and using your "lack of sleep" as an excuse not to exercise
    Lack of exercise plays a key-role in chronic Insomnia. Not exercising due to Insomnia only makes the Insomnia Cycle stronger; not exercising weakens the natural sleep response, as well as the sleep system. Not exercising weakens your metabolism, weakening your heart, creating respiratory problems, making you more likely to wake up during the night, or suffer from sleep apnea.
  7. Trying to force sleep
    This will only increase your anxiety and frustration, weakening the "natural sleep response", and making the "SLEEP = PAIN" anchor stronger and more apparent for your mind.
  8. Reading a Book or Watching TV in Bed to Induce Sleepiness
    Not only does watching TV or reading keep your "conscious" racing mind active, it also diminishes the "natural sleep response." As this supports the negative anchor in your mind that the process of falling asleep is something you have to AVOID. The more awake time you spend in your bed, the more your mind associates that the BED = AWAKE. SLEEP = PAIN.
Are you committing these insomnia 'crimes'? Now you know what to avoid when you prepare your night. Why not get the information advantage and get the whole truth about the inner science of your sleep system. Learn how to reduce your sleep, optimize your inner sleep clock, have more energy and time in your life than when you slept longer?

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