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Staying Safe from Covid in 2022:
What Steps Should You Take?

We are all in a significantly better position to handle the viral threat today than we were in 2020. People are aware that there is the constant threat of an ongoing epidemic that has by no means vanished yet. That awareness is accompanied by knowledge regarding how to counter that threat, how to minimise the chances of getting infected, and how to contain the infection before it can spread further.

The Expected Threat of a Delta Wave in 2022

Despite all that, we cannot forget the fact that the SARS-COV-2 variants are a constantly evolving and rapidly mutating bunch that still pose several, serious threats to the entire human race. National and global health organisations are preparing for what most are calling a Delta Wave, which is likely to hit several nations in late 2021 to early 2022.

Experts have concluded from the strain’s effects in the United States that this Delta Wave of SARS-COV-2 is indeed capable of infecting even fully vaccinated individuals at a higher rate than its previous variants. In general, the delta variant is about twice as contagious as the original novel coronavirus which started the worldwide pandemic in 2020. With that knowledge in mind, here’s everything that you can do to minimise any chances of infection.

Get Vaccinated

It’s true that even fully vaccinated individuals are not completely immune to all forms of the virus, and especially the delta variants. However, getting vaccinated as soon as possible still significantly lowers your likelihood of getting infected by covid because:

  • Current vaccines offer moderate to very high resistance against all SARS-COV-2 strains, including the delta variants
  • Post exposure to even the most contagious delta variant, a person’s chances of contracting covid are still going to be significantly lower if they are already vaccinated

Coming doses of the vaccine in 2022 will fortify our immunity against even the strongest SARS-COV-2 strains, but only those who have already had the previous two doses will be eligible for them. Which means that if you are not yet vaccinated, you may have to wait for a long time before becoming eligible for a stronger, newer dose.

Above all else, studies point to the fact that even if someone gets infected with covid post vaccination, their symptoms are seldom severe, they heal much faster, and mortality rates within the vaccinated population are very low, and almost absent in patients without several additional health complications. In Australia, all three of the vaccines, namely, Vaxzevria by AstraZeneca, Spikevax by Moderna, and Comirnaty by Pfizer are safe, approved and available.

Buy Health & Medical Supplies Online

Hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies are constantly visited by covid patients, whether they are aware of their condition or not. What this means is that there is always a chance that you might catch the virus while visiting the local pharmacy for health and/medical supplies. For the time being at least, buy your medical supplies from an online pharmacy. As long as you have a valid prescription, you will be able to refill it from home by shopping for meds online at sites like

Use Respirators

At one point in time, enough respirators were not available for them to be used by people outside healthcare and emergency services. Now, even we can buy N95 particulate respirators, surgical masks and other approved products that are proven to be effective in keeping germs out of our respiratory system. It is time to leave your cloth masks behind and buy air-filters that will keep the coronavirus out of your respiratory system with scientific proof.

Avoid Groups

Not everyone has the luxury of being able to avoid groups, but even they should try to avoid getting near groups or even individuals as much as possible. At other times when that is not an option, the aforementioned respirators should provide active protection against airborne contaminations. Public transport and gatherings are still not safe, although most people believe that to the be the situation.

Sanitise Hands

Most infected people contracted the virus by first touching a contaminated surface, and then at some point, touching their face, forehead, nose, eyes and/or lips absent-mindedly. The best way to stop this from happening is to sanitise your hands every 20 to 30 minutes when you are outside or in close proximity to others.

Other than these steps, you can and should try to keep yourself actively fit with regular exercise. People with active lifestyles naturally develop strong immune systems, especially when their efforts are supplemented by a balanced, nutritious diet. Not only is it difficult for the coronavirus to infect people with strong immune systems, but the virions also cannot last long or do any permanent damage to the system in the presence of a strong and reinforced immune system.

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