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3 Tips for Staying on Top of Your Mental Health

stay on top mental health

Mental health - amazingly, is still a bit of a taboo subject that people just refuse to address or talk about. This is particularly true amongst men, where it is seen as weak or unmanly to speak about mental health. While more and more people are starting to become aware of mental health and the importance of maintaining it, it’s still a subject that too often gets brushed under the rug.

What better time to talk about mental health and how to stay on top of it than right now? The world has been almost put on hold due to the Coronavirus, pretty much every industry has been affected by it. With lockdowns still underway in many countries around the world, maintaining a healthy mental state has never been so important. With this in mind, let us share our tips with you on how to stay sharp and healthy between the ears in 2020. 

Regular exercise

stay on top mental health

Of course, with so much time spent indoors over the last few months, millions of people have had their exercise routines disrupted. People have started to exercise at home in order to avoid the gyms, or worse - the gyms and leisure centers that they have been members of have closed altogether. Let’s be honest, it can be pretty tough to get motivated to do a home workout, but the problems that might arise by not exercising can be huge.

First and foremost, exercise releases endorphins into our bodies that will naturally make us feel good, even if things are looking a bit bleak in the outside world. Then on top of that, by not exercising you will inevitably gain weight, and start to feel worse about yourself due to your physical appearance. So, it is critical that you try and at least exercise for 20 or 30 mins per day.

Regular exercise isn’t a ‘cure-all’, as professional athletes still get mental health issues, but it’s definitely a great start. This doesn’t need to be particularly strenuous, and it can be anything like a relaxing walk - anything to get moving and away from your couch! 


stay on top mental health

This may seem overly simple, but seriously, nobody talks about their feelings and mental issues due to the social stigma associated with doing so. However,the benefits that can arise by simply talking to somebody about how you feel can be amazing. If you live by yourself, there will be local support groups or mental health numbers you can call to speak with somebody. But if you live with others, why not sit down with a spouse or a parent and just express how you feel? It really can make a world of difference.

It is never beneficial to bottle things up and push them down, as the problem will only get larger and your mental health will continue to suffer. Even if you aren’t feeling particularly down, just talk with somebody about any issues or problems you may be having so that you can get a second opinion. At the very least, you will get it off your chest! 

Remove causes of anxiety and depression

When people think of mental health, these two problems are common thoughts that enter people’s minds. That is probably because anxiety and depression can be the most detrimental to one’s own mental health and wellbeing, so naturally, if you are able to remove the trigger factors you will start to feel better. Interestingly, everyone has different triggers that can lead to anxiety and depression, especially in current times. 

There are so many factors involved here that it would be impossible to list them in such a short post. However, common triggers can involve too much time spent on social media, online gambling, lack of social interaction, and others. Just pay attention to how you feel over the next week or so, and see if any of these behaviors are linked to how you might be feeling. Trust us - the results can be staggering. 

Final Thoughts

With the world still looking very unstable, and people feeling somewhat helpless about things, it’s crucial to look after your mental state. Remember, no matter what might be happening around the world, you can always control what you personally do and what you think, to some extent. Take the time to use the tips and advice given within this post, and we are confident that you’ll maintain a healthy mind.

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