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7 Ways You Can Stay in Shape with Dancing

By Kathy Mitchell

Overcoming Your Limits

If you’re going to keep your body healthy, it will require overcoming the current limits constraining you. It’s a lot more difficult to get in shape running in place staring at a wall, or climbing an endless staircase, than it is doing something that you enjoy. Sports often fulfill this niche. Hockey, tennis, volleyball, hiking—all have their place. Dance does too.

Dance differs from many other physical pursuits, though; and in a number of important ways. Firstly, it can be singular, or it can be a group activity. Secondly, there is an artistic element to dance which, while present in sports, doesn’t represent their chief purpose. Dance has beauty as a core purpose.

This makes it superior to many forms of physical engagement, as it involves more of a person’s humanity than a basic contest for points. With that in mind, following are several ways to stay in shape through varying different kinds of dance.

  1. Dancing with Yourself
    Proper diet and exercise are key to fully flourishing in terms of health. As noted in the introduction, exercise can be difficult if it is solely for the sake of exercise. But if you like dance, and don’t have anyone to dance with, that can be discouraging as well. However, there’s no shame in taking the advice of the classic song and dancing with yourself.

    At electronic concerts, or those where people dance, you can get a great workout in just letting your body follow the music. You can do the same in your apartment, in the park, or wherever it suits you. If you can dance no other way, this is a good way to keep in shape.

  2. Troupe Dancing
    Many dance in a “team,” or a “troupe”. Young girls often start ballet and from this dance move into additional forms. There are cheerleading troupes who work on choreography together, and quite a few different manifestations of this sort of group dance to involve yourself with.
  3. Couples Dancing
    Swing dancing, jazz dancing, and even ballet numbers where both partners must execute exceptionally difficult moves fall under this category. Couples dancing can be a great evening activity to keep you both in shape, and allow you to more comfortably engage in moves that may feel a tad invasive otherwise.
  4. Martial Arts Dance
    Capoeira is a kind of martial art disguised as a dance. It was disguised this way so that the rulers of the oppressive country where it was developed wouldn’t realize the common people were learning how to fight. But it brings up an interesting point. Jackie Chan is a martial artist, but what he does is considered to be a form of dance in China.

    Many martial arts are themselves a sort of extremely masculine dance. They’re also a great way to get in shape, and to stay in shape, which is why they’re included on this list.

  5. Competitive Dance
    Competition lights a fire beneath competitors, allowing them to reach new heights of performance otherwise unattainable. Especially for those who have advanced beyond traditional forms, this can be a very worthwhile way to stay fit.
  6. Teaching Dance
    It’s often overlooked, but the dance teacher is often going to get a great deal of benefit from teaching students. They have to design and learn choreography beforehand, and ensure they know the steps backwards and forward. This takes some physical poise and discipline.
  7. dance
  8. Learning Different Families of Dance
    There are many types of dance out there, including ballet, tap, jazz, modern, swing, hip-hop, and more. If you’ve mastered one type, learn another. The process will necessarily get you in better shape.

Finding the Dance That Best Fits You

There are all kinds of ways to keep in shape through dance. Whatever best fits you, you want to be sure you get the best dance costumes at discounted prices. Dancing is intensive, and it will ruin certain constrictive garments. Find the sort of dance that best matches who you are. Get the right clothes, find like-minded individuals, and find yourself getting in shape naturally through the activity you legitimately enjoy.

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