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10+ Proven Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit
During Quarantine

Stay Healthy and Fit

By Veronica Hanks

Every day, about 60,000 people are found to be infected by Coronavirus, while 8,000 losing their lives, globally.

These numbers have done more harm than ever imagined. They have made up compelled to lock ourselves in our houses and spend our lives in a world that is quite stranger to us. They have forced us to practice social distancing and reduce almost every activity to the premises of our houses.

In such a situation, it is quite normal for one to live under stress - losing hope of being a part of the normal world bit by bit with every passing day. Something that can make us feel weak, sick, and fall into the claws of this Coronavirus pandemic.

But don’t worry!

Here, I will be sharing a few simple yet effective ways to keep your body, mind, and soul healthy and fit even while quarantining.

So, let’s begin.

  1. Keep Your Environment Clean
    Knowing that Coronavirus can survive on a surface for nearly 3 days, the foremost step you can take to safeguarding yourself from it and staying healthy is to keep yourself and your environment clean. In other words, by washing your hands regularly and disinfecting/cleaning all the commodities before and after its use.

    So, pay attention to this.

  2. Do Workout Virtually
    Though gyms and fitness centers are closed, you should not put your physical health and workout sessions at the back seat. Doing so can make you nothing more than a couch potato who will be more suspected to get health issues.

    So, it is imperative that you turn towards digital solutions like fitness apps and workout videos to cut down your fat and live a healthy lifestyle.

  3. Meditate Regularly
    Meditating is also one of the best ways to prevent getting sick or wrecking your mental health during COVID-19 period.

    This practice can aid you to find some time for calmness and self-realization, and add more positivity into your daily routine. So, turn towards these meditation techniques like Mindfulness meditation, Zen meditation, and Progressive relaxation.

  4. Stick to a Meal Schedule
    To ensure a healthier lifestyle during quarantining, it is advisable to maintain a meal schedule and have freshly cooked food only. Meaning, taking only 3 meals of healthy and fully-baked food items rather than keeping chewing edibles.
  5. Buy Essentials Online 
    Now, while having all the essentials is a must, you need not take the risk of going out in local markets. You can get them delivered at your doorstep - thanks to the growing trend of on-demand apps and services during the coronavirus period.

    This might seem a baby step, but can be really effective in protecting you and your family from getting in contact with infected people and places. So, do not overlook this facility.

  6. Have Proper Sleep 
    Many people would have been binge-watching these days to pass the time. This might seem a nice idea, but it is not so. Watching the screen and not taking proper sleep can affect both your physical and mental health.

    So, it is mandatory that regardless of how irresistible the next episode seems, lock your device, turn off the light and take a good sleep of 8-9 hours.

  7. Create a Workstation
    Due to social distancing and quarantine, we all have embraced the idea of ‘Work from Home’. While it sounds to be an amazing way to enjoy work and life balance, it can ruin the balance between the two and make you feel more anxious and stressful, unless you create the right working environment.

    So, here again, picking a corner of your home as your remote workstation and focusing on tasks as if sitting in your office chair can aid you in completing your work on time. This can eventually reduce your stress and enhance your health and satisfaction level.

  8. Take Short Breaks 
    Though keeping yourself busy and occupied can be helpful in distracting yourself, it can bring an adverse effect on your physical and mental health. In such a scenario, the best approach to follow is to take short breaks (maybe of around 5 minutes) between every two consecutive tasks.

    This break will help your body to relax and prepare for the next task in a healthier way.

  9. Stay Hydrated
    Another way to ensure better health while quarantining is to keep your body hydrated. Meaning, drinking an adequate amount of liquid fluids. This can be simple tap water, refreshing drinks like lemon juice, unsweetened coffee or iced tea, or flavored water.
  10. Play with Kids and Pets 
    Believe it or not, kids and pets are eternal sources of hope, happiness, and optimism. They can help in feeling gratitude about everything you have even during this pandemic period and see the best of everything you have.

    So, whenever possible, sit closer to kids and pets, talk/play with them, and experience the change in yourself.

  11. Live Your Hobbies 
    For years, we have complained about not having enough time to focus on our hobbies, and follow our passion. However, this is the time when we can actually invest our time in these activities.

    So, list down all of your hobbies and start investing your time into them - even when it is something short-term like learning a dance step, reading a book, or a long-term like becoming a certified developer or learning guitar.

  12. Get Sunkissed
    Though we are advised not to go out and maintain social distance, it does not mean you end up living in the dark. You can still roam in your backyard or let the sun rays enter your room through windows. This will not just make you feel good, but also supply Vitamin D to your body, which will again keep you healthy.
  13. Connect Others
    Regardless of how busy you keep yourself or how positively you handle everything, it is possible that you sometimes feel emotionally drained. In such cases, connecting your near and dear ones can help to lift your mood up.

    So, whenever you experience any such thing, chat with them over WhatsApp, give them a call on Zoom, or play a game of Ludo online. Discuss your fears and welcome the ideas they give. This will help you in two ways.

    1. You will realize that you are not the only one struggling. This will prevent you from feeling like a victim.
    2. The ideas they share and the time they spend with you virtually will aid in fueling positivity in your mind, along with finding new ways to make quarantine period ‘more productive’.
  14. Access Authorized Resources
    Last but not least, do not get swayed by fake information floating on the Internet. There are various people and websites that are spreading rumours about COVID-19.

    The best way to keep yourself updated in such a situation is to refer to reliable and trustworthy sources only. This includes government websites and that of national/international organizations such as WHO, ECDC, and EFSA.

This quarantine period is undeniably becoming a pain for all. It is creating havoc in everyone’s mind and lives. However, by focusing on these activities, we can minimize the effects of coronavirus and quarantine on us. So, do not remain feeling stressed and hopeless; consider these pointers and make this time lively.

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