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Top 5 Starter Kits to Start Vaping

If you've never tried an e-cigarette and are considering starting to vape, you'll definitely want to go for the best e-cigarettes for beginners. These come in vaping starter kits, and are a great way to get you started in the world of vaping. One that, although it seems simple at first, can get complicated as we become more demanding on CBD starter kits.

Vaping Starter Kits

Vaping starter kits offer all the benefits of a good, more complex e-cigarette, but are very easy to use. And by benefits we mean flavor, throat hit, clouds of vapor and battery life, among others.In addition, they are quite compact and light, with the aim of resembling natural cigars as much as possible, so the transition is not as abrupt as it could be with other types of kits.

Top 5 E-Cigarettes for Beginners

Let's now see which electronic cigarettes are the best to start vaping, based on the experience of thousands of vapers.

5. OBS KFB2 KIT (tpd 2ml)

Obs kfb2 kit 2 mlOf all the electronic cigarettes for beginners, it is the easiest to use. It has a built-in 1500mAh battery with a good constant discharge, which makes it easy to take a good number of relatively strong hits without having to recharge the device. Its 2ml tank for the e-liquid guarantees you several hours of vaping without worrying about refilling it.

4. VOOPOO CALIBER (tpd 2ml)

voopoo caliber tpd 2ml This device has several types of protection to start vaping safely. That said, added to the 3,000 mAh battery, and its maximum power of 110w, this kit offers excellent autonomy. The flavor is excellent and provides a good throat hit with abundant clouds of steam. It is undoubtedly one of the most recommended starter kits for vaping.


It ranks among the most popular beginner e-cigarettes among most. This tubular Mod although it seems it is not a mechanical Mod, if not an electronic Mod capable of withstanding a wash under the tap thanks to its IP67 sealing. A Mod that is powered by 18650 batteries, which guarantees surprising power and durability. One of its virtues is that if the battery no longer gives the performance that is expected or has a defect whatever, if we need it, we can replace it without any problem and thus extend the useful life of the device much more than its rivals with integrated batteries. And if you need more capacity for your e-liquids, this kit can be modified with a pyrex greater than 3ml or 5ml apart from the one that is already included in the same 2ml packaging.


Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus the Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus is considered one of the best starter kits for vaping. The chip that is in charge of managing the entire Mod is the advanced Omni Board Mini, a chip that guarantees safe vaping at very high performance. Compatible with the Coil GT, without a doubt one more point in its favor when we talk about punch and flavor. In the release button we have a different colored LED that does not help to know how our device is charging, green at full load, blue in the middle and red at the last of its capacity. With a superior filling it guarantees us a very clean and easy to use Mod.


ASPIRE TIGON KIT If you are looking for a starter kit that will not disappoint you, the new Aspire kit is your device to start the world of vaping on the right foot. This kit has very interesting details compared to the competition, with a very comfortable release button and a very safe child safety lock. It also incorporates a led that indicates the status of the charge to know how the device's battery is at all times. We are going to leave you here a link to the complete review of our friend and colleague El Mono Vapeador where he details all the pros of this super complete kit.

It seems difficult to choose, but the truth is that any of these are great to start with. You will have time to try any other on the list, and even make your way to new options as you learn more about electronic cigarettes.

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