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5 Types of Spiritual Awakening Sleep Problems
and Insomnia

Insomnia is the most prevalent form of sleep disorder observed among humans from all over the planet. So much so that about 25 percent of people in the US suffer from acute insomnia every year, say researchers from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Such a large prevalence of the sleeping ailment sometimes makes you think if insomnia is actually a normal phenomenon or if there are other things involved in it.

You may have often found yourself in a position where you have done everything required to achieve a good night’s sleep like maintaining a diet, following a sleep schedule, doing regular workouts, etc., but somehow you are still awake and restless. Stop your mind to consider if this really is a sleep problem or is your being undergoing a spiritual awakening. Though there is not a clear definition of spiritual sleep awakening, it can generally be regarded as the overwhelming flow of thoughts and emotions in your mind which compel you to feel that you have undergone some sort of major change. To simplify the tangled nature of such issues, let us look at the 5 most common types of spiritual awakening sleep problems.

#01 Fears and feelings of disconnection

Anxiety and restlessness can arise from extreme feelings of fear due to the inflow of energy during spiritual awakening at nighttime. Such fears can be arising from a number of reasons that cannot be explained properly such as fear of inevitable and sudden death or physical harm, fear of disconnection from your close ones or the society in general. However, such signals should be taken with a positive attitude as this is the phase where you make peace with the idea that these feelings are temporary. This further propels the mind to better adapt to these pains and fear, similar to what the mind does unconsciously in the day time.

#02 Intense and fantastical dreaming

The way you dream in the night can take a drastic turn once you start to undergo the process of spiritual awakening. For most people this sudden shift in the dreaming process can have a heavy toll on your deep sleep and overall sleep health by increasing episodes of wakefulness and mobility during sleep. Such dreams though arising from a variety of fears, hopes, emotions, repressed memories, etc., leave a more lasting effect on the mind and are easier to recollect later on due to a clarity of thought due to the spiritual sleep you are getting. The idea here is to not try to suppress the flood of emotions attached with this transitional phase rather considering it as a tool to naturally improve yourself.

#03 Triggering of psychic abilities

The ability to fall asleep as easier as you once used to may be diminished once you experience an awakening in your psyche. The onset of these extraterrestrial abilities such as ability to intercept sounds from the realm of spirits, being able to decipher other people's emotions, clairvoyance, ability to interpret psychic vibrations emanating from objects, etc., can cause disturbances in your natural sleep routine. Instead of misinterpreting the signs and considering them as vague emotions, one must learn to accept the existence of their natural gift to prevent yourself from the spirit of insomnia.

#04 Disharmony with your sleep patterns

The circadian rhythm of the body which controls your natural sleep-wake cycle can sometimes be disrupted by the way your mind perceives time in your period of spiritual transition. This can trigger a feeling of timelessness where the mind is not at peace with the way time passes and may think that it is going through an expansion, a contraction or a total halt. Although a consistent sleep schedule is one of the most important steps towards achieving a restful night of sleep, sometimes the strict bedtime that you have allotted yourself do not coincide with the natural sleep patterns of your body that had been lying dormant all this time.

#05 Heightened sensitivity

A heightened sensitivity and an increased intensity of perception are perhaps the most conspicuous changes that you observe when you are going through spiritual awakening. Be it physical, mental or emotional, your body seems to be at its best in perceiving your surroundings. This can actually be a boon for some due to the increased richness of emotions, brighter colors, better tase, etc. However, the increased sensitivity can also be a curse for your sleep due to the heightened senses, ability to fully fathom the energy shifts taking place in the cosmos that inevitably affect your own thoughts and emotions, better ability to feel pain and sadness, and of course, the kaleidoscopic turn of emotions you are feeling.

Bottom line:

Acknowledging the spiritual awakening your being is going through is as important for your long-term sleep health as following a diet, exercising regularly, and buying a great mattress. Go through this history of mattress to be better able to select a mattress that is comfortable and long-lasting. A combination of such spiritual reasons that trigger insomnia may appear to be bothersome if their significance is not understood comprehensively. Also see this article about 5 Sleep Disorders You Should Know About.

One must therefore keep a positive perspective throughout the transitional phase and remember that these changes will only make a better person out of you.

To learn much more about the connection between sleep and aging, check this out: Sleep and Aging - A Handbook for Seniors and Caregivers.

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