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So, What is Speech Therapy?

Thanks to modern medicine, we can cure most modern ailments; some of which, for health reasons, and others for vanity. Either way, wonderful ways to help maintain your health exist. Specialization has allowed us to work through any issues with complete experts. One of these areas is speech therapy.

For young children just starting to develop language skills, some difficulties often arise. These can include how their mouth is shaped, trouble pronouncing certain consonants, or not speaking at all. Several skilled doctors and specialists commit their lives to speech therapy, also known as speech language pathology. These individuals help encourage and coach both kids and adults with ways to improve their speech patterns. This could also be for vanity or ease in communication. Whatever your need, a speech therapist is guaranteed to help you sound confident with your day to day communications.

How to Become a Speech Therapist

Becoming a speech therapist is a lengthy process. To practice, you must have a masters in speech language pathology. It is possible to earn a PhD in speech language pathology, but this degree focuses on researching one specific section of speech. The overall study of language covers many bases. Speech takes much more effort than we realize. The way our mouth forms around words while our vocal cords vibrate is a very complex process that we often don’t understand one hundred percent. Speech language pathologists study these complexities to discover what may not click well for certain patients.

You must also become an expert in a specific field. Like any other medicinal practice, you can earn a certificate to increase your level of credibility within your field. This requires what most jobs do, a good education and solid experience. As with any job dealing with patients, becoming a great speech therapist requires patience and a real passion for the work.

Different Areas of Expertise

The uniqueness of speech therapy allows you to work in many different capacities just with the same tools. Most patients you work with will be children developing their language skills for the first time. However, you may also see patients recovering from a stroke or injury, as well as aging patients who need help with simple tasks like swallowing. Regardless of the age group you work with, you must have an extra dose of patience and understanding for those who may communicate in a different way.

Engaging in speech therapy helps you in many ways. Perhaps you or your child has trouble stuttering or pronouncing certain consonants. Remember the movie The King’s Speech? Even the king of England needed help giving large speeches without stuttering. In this case, his speech therapist helped him get outside of his head and find the courage and confidence to deliver an inspiring speech on the radio. That is a general idea of what speech therapy can do, as well as another common hindrance of a lisp. Both of these speech issues are easy to live with, but with a little help from a speech language pathologist, you can speak with confidence in no time.

Some more unique ways speech therapy can help you include working on particular dialects, or if you use your voice in your everyday work life. Do you ever feel like you have a different vocal pattern when you’re talking on the phone or to a stranger, or when giving a big presentation in class? A speech therapist can help you refine this voice and incorporate that into your daily life, so that speaking at work never exhausts you. You can become the same person with the same communication patterns while presenting yourself to a crowd or just speaking with your family over dinner.

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