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Flaky Skin? Revitalize Your Skin With
a Body Wrap & Scrub

Revitalize Your Skin

Although you mostly see body wraps associated with body slimming effects in the press or online, these wraps revitalize your skin. They help rehydrate flaky, dry skin and provide a multitude of other benefits. Some of these benefits include improving arthritis symptoms, cellulite appearance, and skin ailments. But if you suffer dry, flaky skin, what can you expect from spa body wraps and scrubs? How will these treatments help you?

What to Expect From a Body Wrap

For most body wraps, the wrap treatment generally starts with you lying on a massage table. The spa therapist first rubs you down with an exfoliating scrub. After you rinse in the shower, he or she applies your chosen wrap ingredients. Wrapping your body with a layer of plastic wrap follows. Sometimes they cover you with a sheet, thermal blanket or towel as you recline and relax for about 30 minutes.

The scrub before the wrap exfoliates your skin. It scrubs away dead surface skin cells and preps your flaky skin for moisture absorption. A body wrap leaves your skin super-moisturized, particularly through the use of your body heat held in under the plastic. Then, after removing the plastic and rinsing the wrap solution from your body, the therapist applies lotion to further hydrate and soften your once-flaky skin.

How Salt Scrubs Help Your Flaky Skin

Salt scrub treatments leave your skin moisturized, hydrated and glowing. The salts used in these spa body wraps and scrubs contain minerals used for beauty for thousands of years. Even the Queen of Sheba and Cleopatra turned to these minerals for their skin revitalization and beauty.

Therapeutic salt scrubs combined with essential oils exfoliate flaky skin and detoxify. They also provide you with a rosy, glowing complexion after your wrap, thanks to your softened and smoothed skin surface. The salt scrub massages your skin while removing its dead cells and unclogging your pores. You are left with supple skin and softness you want to show off.

Revitalize Your Skin

Benefits of Salt Scrubs

Salt naturally provides anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits. The scrub process removes dirt and bacteria from your pores, while also treating redness and swelling that often accompanies dry, flaky skin. The exfoliation of your skin caused by the salt's friction stimulates your circulation, at the same time. This increased blood flow throughout your tissues provides the after-scrub results of a sun-kissed glow.

Another way that a sea salt scrub helps dry, flaky skin is through the regeneration of new skin cells. When you remove dead skin and dirt from your pores, this stimulates your body to tighten the skin, giving it a firmer and younger appearance. Your skin feels taut, firm, clean and soft while looking rosy and youthful.

The benefits of a salt scrub include:

  • Exfoliation of dead, flaky skin
  • Revelation of smooth skin
  • Removal of dead skin cells for a healthier appearance
  • Stimulation of new skin cell growth
  • Increased circulation for rosiness
  • Cleared pores to reduce acne and inflammation
  • Hydration and plumping of skin to reduce fine lines
  • Reduction of inflammation and itching
  • Revival of pale, tired-looking skin to appear renewed

Salt Scrub and Body Wrap at Oasis Wellness Centre and Spa

For the ultimate in spa body wraps and scrubs, come to Oasis Wellness Centre and Spa in Calgary. Try a Teye Body Wrap that includes a Himalayan Sea Salt Scrub with exfoliation, full body masque, hydrotherapy treatment, scalp, and facial massage. After a sea salt exfoliation, you are covered head-to-toe in an Aroma Blend Body Masque. This masque and wrap provide the ultimate in stimulation and purification. Call 403-216-2747 for your appointment today.

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