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The main aim of admitting a person in an institution for sobers or sobers "wanna be" is to put him in a safe environment which fosters recovery from alcohol or drug addiction. Therefore, the process of selecting an appropriate environment should be treated as equally important. When one goes to a sober home, he gets the motivation needed to recover because he gets to meet people who are going through the same situation. A sober home helps an individual transition back into the community and learn to live independently without the need to rely on drugs or alcohol. Sober Living Los Angeles homes have a resident manager who is responsible for enforcing the house rules. Other homes may take a social media approach where each of the residents is free to make their own decisions. Regardless of the management style, those living in a sober home should obey the house rules to continue enjoying the services.

There are different types of sober homes available. There are some which are owned by businesses or religious groups. A good number of the homes are privately run by a group of people who have already finished their intensive recovery treatment. These ones agree to live in the homes and are willing to invest in their own recovery.

The Difference of Sober Living Los Angeles From Other Residential Programs

Most residential treatment centers will offer support to residents who want to quit alcohol or drug abuse. These are different from sober living homes which have a more loosely structured environment where residents can meet other obligations outside the home such as going to school or work. Random drug testing is a feature that is common in many homes.

As a resident of Los Angeles, one is expected to stick to the house rules. As long as he does so, he can attend to his family, business or leisure activities as he wishes. His well being and recovery depends on his own initiative. When an individual is not committed to the recovery program, this can hinder the progress of everyone else in the home.

A detox program should be completed by an individual before he is admitted at the home. In addition, one should also sign a contract as proof of his commitment to recovery. This is to ensure that no one comes to the home and leaves the program halfway.

How Sober Homes Assist the Addicted

Everyone in the home needs a stable living environment in order to achieve a successful recovery. Studies have proved that the recovery efforts of a person may be disrupted if he hails from a dysfunctional home environment. It can also be the main cause of alcohol and drug abuse and even initiate relapse occurrences.

A resident will find fellow patients who will encourage and motivate him to attend treatment outside the home. He will then go through a 12 step program while recovering an additional outpatient treatment options. Sober living homes will only make sense if a resident is committed to recovery and really wants to recover. He is surrounded by others who are on the same path to recovery. This environment can make a huge impact on an individual’s effort to stay sober for a long time.

It is important for one to know exactly what he is getting into right before admission into the program. The homes will vary in terms of cost, services offered and management. Before choosing a home, one should ensure he selects a home that offers qualities and features that address his personal needs and offers the support needed for recovery.

Factors to Consider when Selecting a Sober Home:

  • Make a visit: the first step when starting to look around for a sober residence is to visit the home. Sober homes are a rewarding place where one can transition from rehab. As one visits the home, he needs to understand if the values and vision meet his needs. The program, therapist available and atmosphere should be the right fit.
  • Location: the right location ensures an individual can easily establish healthy routines. Others will choose a home that is close to their school or workplace. This helps a person slowly integrate into society even after completion of the treatment. Environments that trigger cravings should be avoided.
  • Rules and accountability: an important aspect of recovery is the set of rules and regulations. Each home will have its own rules but the focus is always the same which is to help an individual lead a productive lifestyle while remaining in a sober state. One should also confirm if the accommodation is separated by gender or if both sexes stay in the same house. One should be comfortable with the living arrangement. One should also confirm if there are penalties to pay if a resident flaunts the rules of the home.
  • Staff: the whole process of going into a sober home requires courage on the part of an individual. Therefore, it is important for the staff to be caring and understanding people who will help a resident feel welcomed and supported on his recovery journey. The support team and therapists available can offer the provided guidance he needs to fully attain sobriety. A supportive staff can also be a motivating factor for one who wants to stay healthy. The staff should know each individual’s circumstances and treat all in the home with dignity and respect.
  • Cost: it is important for one to find a sober home that he can afford. Various homes are available that suits all budgets and one can find a home that meets his needs. The house will be responsible for expenses such as utilities, rents, groceries, and other necessities. One should know what he can afford and this can help him narrow down his choices while eliminating the options outside his price range. An individual can also ask questions to know more about the services offered and any other available facilities.

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