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How to Smoke From a Bong: A Guide for Beginners

Smoke From a Bong

Bongs have long been commonplace in Cannabis culture, but did you know that they've been around for thousands of years? Bongs made from animal horns and pottery found in Ethiopian caves date back to 1100 - 1400 CE.

Bong prevalence grew in North America immediately following European settlement due to the booming Silk Road tobacco trade. It continued to thrive until the early 2000s when legislation banned the sale of bongs. Times have now changed and bongs are back, hopefully for good.

For the uninitiated, bongs may seem a bit daunting. Our beginner's guide on how to smoke from a bong is here to help! From bong selection, use, maintenance, and bong tips and tricks, we'll cover everything you need to know.

Why Bongs Are Best

Bongs are most commonly made from borosilicate glass. It is a non-toxic, lead-free, BPA-free, and hypoallergenic, which are all obvious benefits for your lungs.

Compared to other methods, smoking from a bong is among the most efficient. There is minimal prep time involved (unlike rolling a joint). It also uses the smallest quantity of weed while yielding the strongest effects.

Bong Tips

Before getting started, there are a few important things worth noting.

Choose the Right Bong

For bong newbies, don't get too crazy with the size and design of your first bong. The idea is to clear the smoke from the chamber in one hit, so start off with something small.

Keep That Water Clean

The smell of dirty bong water is extremely off-putting. It also pollutes the flavor of the product during inhalation, so it's best to change it for each use.

Use cold water in your bong - even add ice. Many smokers find it reduces coughing and allows for a larger hit without heat hurting the lungs.

Pack It Up with the Right Product

Most importantly, use a quality product that caters to your needs.

Looking for a mellow high? Try a Sativa. For something more potent? Try an Indica strain like lava cake.

How to Smoke From a Bong

Now let's move onto the fun stuff. Follow our step-by-step guide for a successful first hit.

1. Add the Right Amount of Water

Fill the chamber with just enough water to cover the bottom half of the stem. The stem is the long, skinny tube that juts down into the bong.

2. Pack the Bowl

Don't press down and pack it too tightly or it is difficult to inhale. If packing the bowl for only yourself (not to share), only half-full is plenty.

3. Get Into Position

It is best to be sitting down for those just starting out with smoking from a bong.

Put your lips fully inside the mouthpiece so that there are no gaps and grip the bong firmly with one hand. If there is a hole (called a carb-hole or shotgun), cover it with your thumb.

4. Light It Up and Inhale

As you light up, draw in with a deep breath. Once the chamber fills with smoke, uncover the carb-hole or remove the bowl portion from the stem. Inhale deeply so the smoke goes into your lungs. Then it's time to sit back and enjoy.

Come Along and Take a Hit From the Bong

Bongs have been around for thousands of years, and for good reason. They provide a clean smoking method with both efficiency and ease.

We hope our beginner's guide on how to vape from a bong has been useful. Now all that's left to do is try it out for yourself!

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