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Smartwatches are Not Doctors,
but They Do Help to Save Lives

By Sujain Thomas

Monitoring the time with watches is no more relevant today because smartphones can do it well and perhaps more conveniently too. Analog watches have long become irrelevant, and digital watches too are losing favor because smartwatches provide all features and functions that the modern man needs. As the digital revolution is changing our lives by influencing various aspects of our lifestyle smartwatches are becoming more of a necessity. Smartwatches have been the real disruptor of the analog watch industry that has no answer to the challenge posed by the multi-faceted device that has found a special place in the hearts of the present generation.


Consumer demand for analog watches is fast declining as evident from the low sales of Swiss watches that used to be the epitome of luxury. Smartwatches provide luxury at a very affordable cost and come with a host of features. Customers should first ascertain their needs and then go shopping for the most matching model because functions and features vary between different models of smartwatches.

Enticing features, more convenience


Consumers are more demanding than ever before, and they prefer more convenience and more features in devices above anything else. Garmin Singapore smart watches have numerous features, but consumers pay the highest attention to fitness solutions and GPS tracking coming a close second. In the second level, they would prefer using smartwatches for playing music and pay a lot of attention to the design. Since smartwatches are an important fashion accessory for men, the design matters a lot to many people. And at the lowest level of preference are the features of notifications and contactless payment.


Waiting for a watch to charge can be off-putting. But imagine having a smart watch that can go from 0 to 100% in just 5 minutes of charging. Learn about Oppo’s 5 minute charge Smartwatch at Tracyandmatt.

The doctor on your wrist


Smart Watches can do considerably more than track your steps or record the calories you're consuming. Medicinal evaluation wellbeing sensors are coming, and they can screen a wide range of things. For instance, Swiss firm Biovotion has a wearable that tracks pulse, blood oxygen, skin temperature, sleeps patterns, etc.

Having a smartwatch tied to your wrist is like having a doctor with you always. The stressful life that most of us lead nowadays makes this aspect of smartwatches even more attractive. Suppose you feel too much stressed out at work and take a brief break from it and while leaving your workstation or desk you might suddenly start feeling uneasy. You might feel out of breath when stepping on a slight incline. At such moments, your smartwatch will start flash warnings if it finds the pulse rate racing very high. Acting on the signal and consulting a doctor immediately can help to avert any major disaster.

More than measuring heart rate

It is now common knowledge that smartwatches measure heart rate, but some advanced models go much beyond it. Another way in which technology helps one to improve fitness, health, and well-being is by measuring the health status right from the wrist. Many well-known brands are producing smartwatches that monitor blood pressure, and measure heart-rate. Besides measuring heart rate, these smartwatch models are more sophisticated and go to the extent of providing a measure of some analysis too. When you have a smartwatch on your wrist, it means that you have a fitness tracker, health tracker and phone all rolled into one. The smartwatch tells you how you are keeping and reduces the need for visiting doctors to learn about your health condition.

Although it would be too much to expect smartwatches to diagnose disease, smartwatches can forewarn you about any impending danger to your health, and there are many instances when people have been able to defy death by heeding smartwatch warnings.

About the Author:
Sujain Thomas is a contributing author of Garmin Singapore. She has been passionate about watches since childhood. Although being raised in the digital watch era, she found her way to mechanical timepieces. After being active on watch forums from the 1990s onwards, she decided to start a blog on watches in 2004.

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