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Slip and Fall Accidents –
What to Do When They Happen

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are an unfortunate reality. What’s even more unfortunate is when they do happen, it’s almost always not the victim’s fault.

Most people are likely to suffer a slip and fall accident at some point in their lives – and they can happen anywhere, really. If this ever happens to you or has already happened, then it’s absolutely critical that you know what to do next.

This is particularly true when it isn’t your fault, which is the case most of the time. According to US law, homes, buildings, walkways, parking lots, etc. must all be maintained to ensure that they can be safely walked upon.

While it pays to consult a slip and fall accident lawyer, here are some of the immediate steps you must take if this has happened or ever happens to you.

What to do following a slip and fall accident:

Get medical attention, fast!

Your health or that of a loved one should always be priority number one after a slip and fall accident. If you’ve been hurt, it’s important not to self-medicate or leave anything to chance. Always get in touch with a doctor, and openly discuss your injuries. It’s important to have these injuries properly documented.

When it’s time to seek compensation for your injuries, those medical records will serve as critical pieces of evidence.

Report it, you will need it to protect your rights

Irrespective of where you slipped and fell or how it happened – be it on a sidewalk, in a store, or even at a friend’s place – you must report it to the manager, landlord or owner, whatever may be applicable. Ask them to put down all the details of the accident in writing and make a proper written report – something they should oblige to without hesitation. Request to have a copy before you leave.

Again, this can serve as a viable piece of evidence when you rightfully claim compensation for your injuries.

Document everything – as in, everything

This means collecting the names, phone numbers, addresses and email addresses of all potential witnesses. Their statements can greatly help in proving your claim when you pursue the matter legally.

In addition, it’s good practice to take photos of the exact spot where you slipped and fell – so make sure you take photos of any uneven surfaces, icy/slippery patches or other conditions that directly contributed to the accident.

Jot everything down so as to what you were doing right before slipping and falling, how you felt and the injuries that you immediately suffered. Note down any other detail that may be relevant, such as the exact date and time. Your shoes could actually serve as a valuable piece of evidence too so tuck them away safely and don’t use them for the time being.

Call an experienced attorney

An experienced slip and fall lawyer will ensure that your claim is easily filed and that you get the compensation your rightfully deserve. They have the knowledge and experience that comes with dealing with this type of cases on a daily basis.

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