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Sleep Loss Affects Business Women
More Than Men

By Catherine Park

Researchers have established that sleep loss affects female businesspersons more, compared to their male counterparts. In fact, women who suffer sleep disorders or sleepless nights are at high risk of contracting chronic diseases compared to the men. This includes a high risk of developing depression, diabetes 2, as well as heart disease. Unhealthy sleep patterns lead to poor health and the effects are worse in women compared to men.

Getting a best pillow top mattress for sale can help business executives catch enough sleep. Moreover, not using the phone or other smart devices that interrupt your sleeping pattern help you get restful nights. In this article, we feature the reasons why sleeplessness is more common in female businesspersons compared to the male counterparts.

1. Hormonal Changes in Women Affect Sleep

Fluctuating levels of progesterone and estrogen are thought to affect women’s sleep. Estrogen is a hormone that works on various neurotransmitter pathways and has an impact on the ability to regulate sleep. Consider that progesterone is also a sleep-promoting hormone. In addition, fluctuating hormones affect the circadian rhythm, which also plays a significant role in the ability to catch sleep. The changing ratio of hormones is the unsettling process and contributes to the inability to fall asleep.

2. Hot Flashes Affect Sleep Patterns in Women

The hot flashes result when there is a surge of adrenaline in women. When experiencing the hot flashes, the brain is disrupted resulting in waking up from sleep. This is because of the production of sweat and a change in body temperature disrupting sleep in women. The decreased comfort is also a serious issue that affects the sleep pattern in women. Check out the tips to sleep better at night when experiencing hot flashes to improve your ability to sleep during such nights.

3. Depression and Mood Swings Result into Poor Sleep

Mood swings affect women more, compared to the effects on men. When you have a bad mood and especially when it is because of work-related occurrences, sleeping becomes a difficulty. Studies also indicate that about 20% of women experience depression during their lifetime and this is also linked to loss of estrogen. Mood swings also occur during menopause causing difficulties in sleep.

4. Coincidental Social Issues

Apart from the above effects, which are more of hormonal, women undergo coincidental issues in their social life leading to sleep deprivation. For instance, a woman who has a cheating spouse is likely to suffer sleep loss anytime the husband is not home early.

5. Pregnancy and Children

A pregnant woman is likely to suffer sleep deprivation because of discomfort associated with the sleeping styles. To avoid this, try to find the best sleep position so as to avoid the discomfort that can lead to lack of sleep. Apart from the sleeping position, pregnancy comes with other problems like the urge to use the bathroom often, heartburns that cause discomfort hence waking up often at night as well as the skin discomfort. After childbirth, another challenge is toddler interfering with your sleep often. A toddler will often cry at night affecting the sleep pattern in adults and in this case, women are much more vulnerable.

Adequate sleep is very important to a person’s health. This includes the physical health, mental health as well as the person’s everyday mood. For business executives to perform well, a sharp mental ability is necessary. That is why enough sleep should not be compromised at any point. Remember that to ensure you get enough sleep, you need a southwestern rug that supports you well. In addition, your sleeping style plays a critical role.

Catherine Park is a Freelance Content Writer. “I like to swim, cycle and run a lot. When I’m not doing all those, I love to read and try new things.”

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