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Proven Tips to Sleep Better at Night

By Karen Anthony

Sleep is one of the necessary conditions for the normal functioning of the body; almost no one on earth can do without it. If we lose sleep for only one night, it immediately rejects on the quality of our sleep. So, it is known that our state of health during wakefulness directly depends on the quality of our sleep. Sleep increases productivity, makes our mind clear and charges us with energy for the whole day, and it is simply necessary for our brain.

sleep better


Many people have problems with sleep, someone constantly turns in his sleep and sleeps in fragments, and considers it a blessing if he manages to sleep, well, and someone just can't fall asleep until late at night, being immersed in life problems. Over time, if these sleep problems become chronic, they begin to negatively affect their quality of life, they become irritable, they feel worse, their energy level decreases, they become tired, and this even affects their self-confidence. Poor sleep often causes psychological and physical problems. This is why it is often suggested by experts and clinical behavioral therapists to look into borderline personality disorder and DBT for treating sleep related disorders, like Insomnia.

However, the solution in most cases can be found in our daily life. Your schedule, sleep habits and your daily activities can either improve or worsen the quality of your sleep, and since your lifestyle is changeable, you can correct the situation. I bring to your attention tips for improving sleep with the comfortable sleeping pillow for neck pain, which will help you make your sleep better and eliminate insomnia, and as a result, increase your energy and performance throughout the day. Keep in mind that the situation in which you are unique and not all tips can fit you, so you should try to apply each of the tips, it will help you to make your own strategy to improve the quality of your sleep.

Improving sleep, first advice:

Make sleep regular. Try to take into account the biological clock of your body and follow the daily rhythms of your body. If your sleep is regular, if you go to bed and get up every day at the same time, you will feel fresh and ready for new life challenges. The positive effects of regular sleep persist even if you change your sleep schedule by just one or two hours.

sleep better
  • Lie down at the same time. Go to bed at the same time every day. Choose a time when you usually feel tired. It is not necessary to force yourself to fall asleep if your body does not require it. However, try not to disturb the selected schedule for sleeping, even on weekends. If you want to change the time for sleep due to work or for other reasons, try to do it gradually.
  • Wake up at the same time. Getting enough Sleep, you find that you wake up with ease, so that you may not need to use the alarm. If you use an alarm clock, make its signal pleasant, not too loud and not too sharp.
  • Take a nap to compensate for sleep loss. If for any reason you go to bed later than usual, compensate for the loss of time to sleep after an afternoon nap, instead of sleeping longer than usual. This strategy will allow you to recover from sleep deprivation without disrupting the natural rhythms of sleep and wakefulness.

Improving sleep, advice for eating correctly:

You’re eating habits play an important role in your quality sleep. It is especially important to monitor not only what you feed your body, but also how and when you do it.

sleep better
  • Be moderate in the evening meal. Try dining out early in the evening, and avoid eating heavy foods such as meat and other protein foods less than two to four hours before bedtime. Fatty foods make your stomach work hard to digest them. Especially it is necessary to be careful with spicy and sour food in the evening, which can cause heartburn and other digestive problems.
  • Prefer a light snack. A light snack before bedtime can help improve sleep. Products containing among which are cheese, cottage cheese, fish and legumes, help your brain to calm down and contribute to a deeper sleep. In addition, to improve sleep, try adding calcium-rich foods to your diet. Experiment with your eating habits to determine which snack is best for you before bedtime.
  • Give up alcohol before bedtime. You probably think that drinking alcohol before bed helps you. But despite the fact that it actually helps to fall asleep, it reduces the quality of your sleep and increases the risk of waking up in the middle of the night. To avoid this effect, abstain from alcohol several hours before bedtime.
  • Reduce caffeine intake. You may be surprised by the fact that caffeine consumption, even ten or twelve hours before bedtime, may worsen the quality of your sleep. So, try to give up coffee or strong tea a few hours before you sleep.
  • Limit the amount of fluid you drink at bedtime. Drinking plenty of water, tea, juice or other liquids in the evening can make you wake up in the middle of the night for a little need. Drinks that contain caffeine and act as diuretic lungs only complicate this situation. Instead, you might want to take some of the best supplements for sleep to relax your body and improve your sleep at night.

Improving sleep, further advice - Moderate, but sufficient physical activity:

Movement is life, I think, none of you will dispute this statement, it is a necessary condition for physical health, as well as for the quality of sleep.

sleep better
  • Exercise regularly. Regular exercise promotes deeper sleep. In this case, you do not need to become an athlete, thirty-minute daily exercises with gym machines will be quite sufficient.
  • Avoid physical exertion in the evening. If you are engaged in enhanced training, choose for your workout morning hours or early afternoon. Charging at a later time actually stimulates your body and increases its temperature, which can interfere with your sleep. light relaxation exercises like yoga or light stretching exercises, on the contrary, will be useful for your sleep.
  • Take a walk for a couple of hours before bedtime. If you want your sleep to be deeper and you have a good night's sleep, include in your daily schedule daily walks in the fresh air.

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