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Is Sleep the Greatest Beauty Aid Ever?

sleeping beauty

By Catherine Park

Yes! Getting a good night sleep could be the best aid to a glowing natural beauty. Sleep has been found to mean good skin health since while asleep, the skin will genetically switch into the recovery mode. This proves that no sleep at all will lead to a bad look! Ideally, missing out on sleep and sleeping poorly gives your skin cells a harder time hence the skin is not able to perform the nightly maintenance. In this article, we feature some important evidence-based tips for better sleep.

1. Reduced Blue Light Exposure in the Evenings

Exposure to blue light in the evenings affects the body’s natural timekeeping clock known as the Circadian rhythm. This is because the blue light tends to trick your brain into thinking that it is still day time. The resulting effect is a reduced production of melatonin which is an important hormone helping you to relax and get deep sleep.

2. Increased Bright Light Exposure During the Day

Natural day time light helps in keeping your circadian rhythm healthy and hence improving the quality of sleep at night. A study showed that increased day time light in people with insomnia improves the sleep quality and helping the patients sleep for longer.

3. Sticking to a Sleep Schedule

Observing a strict sleep schedule with same bedtime and same waking up time even over the weekends will improve your sleeping habits. This allows regulation of your bod's clock helping you to fall asleep quickly and at the same time for a longer duration.

4. Relaxed Bedtime Ritual Helps You Sleep Better

By performing a relaxing routine activity before bedtime will aid a deep sleep. However, the routine should not be conducted in a room that has bright light. The relaxing routine before bedtime should not be something that distracts you making it difficult to fall asleep.

5. Daily Exercises Aid Your Sleep

Exercising is another important sleep therapy to consider. Light exercises will be better than no activity at all. You can exercise at any time of the day, but ensure that the exercises will not affect your sleeping pattern.

6. Ensure you are Sleeping on a Comfortable Mattress

If your mattress is not providing the comfort and the support needed, then it is difficult getting enough sleep. A bedroom is inviting when it has a most comfortable mattress and attractive pillows. Thus, if the mattress you have used for years is no longer comfortable, consider getting a replacement.

7. Mind your Diet and Refreshments

Ensure that you are not hungry or stuffed especially just before bedtime. In facts, it is advisable that you avoid heavy and large meals hours before bedtime. The discomfort of a stuffed stomach or an empty one for that matter might keep you awake whole night.

8. Limit the Daytime Naps

Longer daytime naps will definitely affect the nighttime sleep in your hybrid bed. If you are a daytime nap addict, ensure the nap is not longer than 30 minutes. In any case, if it is impossible, the best solution here is avoiding naps late in the day. For those working on nightshifts, you can push the daytime nap to later in the day.

9. Stress Management Will Help You Gain More Sleep

Worries and concerns will keep you awake at night preventing you from

getting quality sleep. Practice the stress management tips to ensure you are getting proper sleep at night. If need be, you can contact a counselor on the management of stress.

10. Avoid Caffeine Late in the Day

Consuming coffee or other drinks with caffeine late in the day will stimulate the nervous system stopping the body from naturally relaxing at night. Studies show that caffeine can stay elevated in your body for over 7 hours and so drinking large amounts will impact your sleeping patterns negatively. It is important to note that cigarettes and alcohol will also increase caffeine levels in the body affecting your sleep.

11. Consider Taking Sleep Supplements

A good example is Melatonin which is a key sleep hormone that alerts the brain its time to relax and head to the room. The supplements are featured as an extremely important sleep aid. Melatonin has been used for decades to treat insomnia and is featured as the easiest way to fall asleep faster. When taking the hormone, it’s important you seek expert’s advice.

Having seen that sleep is good skin therapy, it is important that you practice the sleep aids that best suits your lifestyle. These will help you to sleep better and for longer durations of time. The overall effect is that your skin will rejuvenate giving you a natural glowing look. Better sleep will result in brighter and less puffy eyes; reduced skin wrinkles, and also gives you a glowing complexion improving your looks naturally.

Catherine Park is a Freelance Content Writer. “I like to swim, cycle and run a lot. When I’m not doing all those, I love to read and try new things.”

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