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A Good Skin Care Routine For Men

The foundation of any good skin care routine is applying the products in the correct sequential order. Regardless of what type of skin that you have, you should always start off with cleaning the skin, applying a toned base, then putting on active ingredients, which are then sealed in with a moisturizer. In sunnier climates, an SPF cream is required any time that you go out during the day. A step by step guide to developing a good skin care routine is listed below:

1 - Washing: Every morning and every night you should apply a cleanser to your face that is massaged in well so that it gets into all of the pores on your face. Once adequately rubbed in, rinse off the cleanser with warm water - doing this will also remove any dirt and grime that was in the pores on your face. Softly pat your face dry with a clean towel until all the water and cleanser is all completely gone.

2 - Toner: Once your face is suitably cleaned, this is when toner needs to be applied. To do this, place a couple of drops either on your hands or a pad of cotton and softly wipe it all over your face. Typically, these should be applied two times a day - after washing your face in the morning and washing your face at night. Toners and retinoids should never be used together.

3 - Serum: Apply an antioxidant rich serum when doing your morning skin care routine. This is because it will keep your skin well protected from the free radicals that it is likely to encounter on a typical day out and about. Regardless of the type of serum that you use, remember to always apply it before moisturizing so that all of the goodness that it does for the skin on your face is locked into place and lasts all day.

4 - Eye Cream: With eye creams having a thinner consistency than regular facial moisturizers, they need to be applied first. The best application method is via a roller ball and the cream should be stored in a refrigerator at all times in order to help combat the puffiness of your eyes first thing in the morning. Avoid using an eye cream at night as they make your under eyes retain fluid over night, giving them a puffy appearance in the morning. 

5 - Moisturizing: Not only does this work to keep your skin well hydrated, but it also keeps all of the goodness from the toners, serums, creams etc that you have already applied to your face. When moisturizing in the morning, use one that comes in a lightweight lotion that has an SPF rating of 30 or higher. At night apply a thicker face cream - although those with particularly dry skin may want to apply a cream both morning and night. Bulldog do a great range of moisturizing skin care products that have been especially developed for men. You can read some skincare product reviews here.

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