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Skin Care Medicine

A person with good skin looks healthy and young. In addition to beauty, the skin performs important functions for the body such as protection, thermoregulation and sensory perception. That is why it is important to take proper care of the skin of the whole body in order to maintain its function and appearance.

You will find out as follows:

  1. What skin conditions are and what Skin Care medications work best?
  2. Where to buy skin medications reliably and profitably, spoiler: Mexican pharmacies?
  3. Which Mexican pharmacy online has the most extensive selection of skin medications?

Common skin problems and diseases

It's not just skin conditions that need treatment and care. If you don't have them, but you have too dry or oily skin - that too needs to be corrected. Because non-normal skin (and normal skin without proper hygiene) can be prone to pus rashes, inflammation, bacterial and fungal infections.

Tip: Skin Care Medications often have high prices, but do not ignore treatment because of lack of finances, online Mexican pharmacies are a real salvation, you can find the necessary medications with maximum savings.

What to do if my face and body skin is dry?

Dry skin that peels may be caused by internal diseases (e.g., hypothyroidism), consult a doctor with this problem. But if we talk about symptomatic treatment, dryness can be eliminated by moisturizing with special products (creams, lotions for dry skin) and taking medications with collagen. Popular products are Dr Will R Lax Facial Collagen and Eucerin available at most certified Mexican pharmacies.

What to do if my face and body skin is oily?

Oily skin is prone to the appearance of pustules due to clogged glands. It is necessary to wash 2-3 times a day, using foams or lotions for oily skin. Soap should not be used, it dries the skin and provokes the allocation of even more sebum.

Also prescribe the use of vitamin A, in large doses it dries the skin and is effective against acne. Any Mexican pharmacy has an extensive selection of this medication.

Skin diseases and their treatment

Among people of all ages, the most common skin diseases are:

  • acne;
  • atopic dermatitis;
  • demodicosis (mite);
  • eczema;
  • melanin accumulations;
  • fungal and bacterial infections.

Acne is an acne disease that manifests itself by the appearance of inflammatory rashes on the skin. The rashes form in the sebaceous glands and hair follicles.

Acne is treated with topical skin care and the use of various groups of drugs: hormonal drugs, vitamins, antibiotics. On the expanse of the best Mexican pharmacy Medicinesmexico according to the experts, you can find drugs such as Arretin Acido Retinol Crema and others effective for acne.

Eczema is the common name for skin conditions that are accompanied by itching. There are contact, atopic, seborrheic, infectious and other types of eczema. A variety of medications are used in the general treatment of this disease, always available in Mexican pharmacies: Advantan Cream, Avapena Chloropyramine, Desowen Desonide Cream.

Atopic dermatitis is a disease of allergic nature, which manifests itself in the form of rashes and redness of the skin. Symptoms occur after any contact with an allergen - contact with the skin, eating, breathing in.

The first step in treating atopic dermatitis is to eliminate the allergen from the environment. Local treatment in the form of ointments and creams. For example, we advise a good drug from a Mexican pharmacy - Advantan Cream and Ointment.

Fungal infections come in many forms and types. They are often treated with Clotrimazole, which has many brand names - Canesten, Baycuten, Lotrimin, etc. For bacterial infections, Triderm is excellent.

EpiQuin and Tri Luma are great for treating melanin accumulations that show up as moles and age spots.

Take good care of your skin and you will get great results in the form of many years of beauty and youthfulness.

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