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Is Skiing Your Next Hobby?
Check Out These Tips to Get You Going!

Skiing is one of the most exciting winter sports to watch—and to participate in! Like many sports, skiing is great for both physical and mental health. And it lets you experience amazing nature.

If you’re thinking of buying some skis and hitting the snow, check out these pro tips before you get out there. 

Get the Right Gear 

The first step to start your skiing career is to find the best equipment for both warmth and safety. You’ll need a warm set of outdoor wear, including a ski jacket, pants, and gloves. And for safety, make sure to find a high-quality helmet and goggles. 

Once you’ve covered those bases, you can move on to the skis themselves. The equipment will vary depending on what kind of skiing you plan to do. Just visit your local ski shop and ask the professionals for their recommendation on downhill, cross-country, or mountaineering equipment. 

Start Slow and Work Your Way Up

Skiing is fun, but it’s also tough! When you begin skiing, make sure you’re up for quite a workout. Among other muscles, skiing works your abs, glutes, and hamstrings. It also makes for intense cardio exercise!

The key to having a fun and safe skiing experience is to start slow. Before you try out that black diamond slope, start on a bunny hill. Better yet, join a group class or hire a private instructor. Make sure you learn the basic techniques so you can stay safe and have fun. They can also teach you how the heck to use a ski lift! 

And remember: be patient with yourself! Skiing is a fun and rewarding activity, but it takes practice. So go slow and have fun. 

Talk the Talk

While you’re relaxing after a great ski workout, take some time to learn some of the fun slang words that true skiers use. Here are a few terms to familiarize yourself with: 

  • Blue Bird – a gorgeous day with a clear blue sky
  • French Fries – skis that are parallel to each other 
  • Pizza – the tips of your skis point toward each other
  • Ripper – a talented, veteran skier 

Now that you’ve honed your skiing dictionary, it’s time to pick a place to show off your skiing skills—and your new vocabulary! 

Pick a Great Resort

Many skiing resorts offer a variety of terrain for all kinds of skiing levels. They even have onsite skiing trainers and equipment rental to help you get started. As you narrow down which ski resort you’ll vacation to, ask yourself a few questions so you can pick the best one for you: 

  • How far do you want to travel? 
  • Are there kids joining you? 
  • What level skier are you and your fellow travelers? 

As a proud sponsor of the US Ski Team, HomeLight knows that Copper Mountain is a favorite training sport for many world-class skiers. But before you join Olympic-class athletes, make sure you have good gear and are ready to hit the slopes. 

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