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The Simplest & Fastest Way to Diet: Starving

Weight loss becomes a common concern among people of different ages. We maintain the diet for appearance, for a healthy life, or curing of diseases. Among multiple diet plans,starving is considered as the fastest and most natural form of diet.

Controlling food consumption, such as avoid calories, eat less, take fluids, etc. defines a starving. Starving hitsdirectly on metabolism adjustment, which reduces weight faster than other diet plans. Meals are designed in such a way that they give you fewer calories and allow your body to activate the saved fat.

Why Starving?

In a weight loss plan, the main aim to burn fat by controlling the eating habit. Doctors recommend eatingmany but minimum quantity, whereas starving refers quite differently. People choose to starve as a diet plan because of particular benefits.

  • Save time: to prepare your daily meal chart, or if you work outside for a long time, it becomes hard to maintain a particular diet food plan.
  • An inexpensive way to lose weight: In most of the diet plans, gathering healthy nutritious food might cost a significant amount, whereas starving doesn’t work in that way;instead, you take the usual meal in your break time.

Pros & Cons of Starvation Diet:

The starvation diet also does have some positive and negative facts. Here, I try to enclose some.



- Reduces weight in a few days

- Easy & inexpensive method

- Influence on the protective mechanism

- Burn muscle fat

- Time and energy savior

- Causes nutrition deficiency

- Reduces activeness and concentration

- Lose shininess of skin and feel dizziness

- Reduces insulin secretion

- Reason for gastric or other diseases

An Ideal Starvation Diet Frame

The starvation plan may vary from person to person. But if you don’t want to lose your skin brightness, face nutrition deficiency, or less active in work, you must design a different starvation chart. Here is one given which may benefit you.

You might target to lose weight for a particular pounds in a specific time frame. The eating chart should contain some must eat food to keep you alive or free from weakening. Particular work-out, sound, and proper sleep refer to good lifestyles.

If you are not confident enough about your plan, then keep in touch with a medical consultant. Re-make your plan if it demands. Meanwhile, you should weigh every day to see the variance of your activity.

Tips to Remember during Starvation:

  • Introduce your body via fasting for 14 to 15 hours before going for starvation
  • Fix a time frame for the entire planning
  • Put vegetables as the main course of your entire meal
  • Divert mind from food via reading, watching a movie, trekking or doing many things
  • Rely on supplements if you feel weak
  • Learn via online expertise about starvation diet; adjust the plan in your existing plan
  • Take a break for a while to boost your mental health by visiting nearer health fast-food shop for next stage of starvation

Why don’t some doctors suggest a starvation diet?

In many countries, health experts don’t suggest starvation diet due to several demerits such as organ damages, lepton reduction, blood in urine, menstrual cycle disturbance, and many more. While taking a break from the heavy starvation diet, you might gain twice the weight back within a few days. Sometimes, it causes a distinct character disease, though that is a rare scenario.

Many think starvation indicates skipping meals, which is in one way right but causes a significant loss in the long run. One should starve with a diet meal to avoid long term impact.

Starving vs. Fasting

Fasting is an ancient practice, whereas starving occurs very often. If you choose for reducing weight, dietitians suggest fasting rather than starving. But fasting is a long term process whereas starving gives desired outcomes within a short time. Among the young generation, they select starving mostly for a fast diet.

For the age group ranging from 30 to 50/ 50+, they shouldn’t undergo the process of starvation because the human body tends to follow the reverse mode of growth.

Do frequent skipping meals refer to a starvation diet?

Not precisely, starving for a while in everyday life defines that you are in a starvation diet.

Does age matter in maintaining a starvation diet?

Yes, it matters in a significant way. For example, young aged people can get fruitful results without any side effects.

Ending: Starvation Diet.

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