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Breast Cancer Awareness

A diagnosis of breast cancer strikes fear in the heart of every woman. The life-time breast cancer rate is now approaching 1 in 7 American women. According to top breast cancer experts like Dr. Jerome Levy and Dr. Susan Love, family history and classical risk factors account for only about 20% of all breast cancer diagnoses.

Scientific research on diet, stress, exercise and environmental factors suggests that the other 80% may well be attributed to lifestyle choices. Your ability to get well and stay well lies largely in your power!

In honor of "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" this October, Dr.Susan Silberstein, founder of Center for Advancement in Cancer Education (CACE) in cooperation with Ultimate Health Group, has developed the Beat Breast Cancer Kit. This will help you:

  • Prepare delicious disease fighting recipes!
  • Change the way you cope with stress!
  • Check if you have a breast cancer prone personality!
  • Discover 10 foods that can help prevent or reverse breast cancer!
  • Change your diet – change your hormones!
  • Learn what the science says about diet and breast cancer survival!
  • Find out about non-toxic treatments!

While organizations like StandUp2Cancer are doing a phenomenal job to create awareness and raise funds for cancer research, it takes years to validate promising protocols. However, there is already ample scientific evidence that dietary choices dramatically influence both risk for breast cancer and outcome for diagnosed patients. The National Cancer Institute estimates that cancer deaths avoidable through dietary change run as high as 75%. The life-changing information provided in the Beat Breast Cancer Kit is based on published scientific research on effective nutritional, immune-enhancing and non-toxic strategies for preventing cancer, preventing recurrence and even helping to reverse cancer.

Why Is This So Important?

  • There is 1 breast cancer diagnosis every 3 minutes and 1 breast cancer death every 12.
  • The lifetime breast cancer rate is now approaching 1 in 7 American women.
  • Cancer kills more than 1500 people in the US every day.
  • 1 in 2 Americans will likely develop cancer in their lifetime.
  • The National Cancer Institute estimates that as much as 75% of cancer deaths are avoidable through dietary change.
What Is CACE?
Many times when we or those we love are diagnosed with cancer we feel helpless. Dr. Silberstein and the Center for Advancement in Cancer Education (CACE) have made a significant impact in the past 30 years not only by giving people hope, but also by providing life-changing resources. Allow me to share a few highlights:
  • CACE is a not-for-profit cancer information, counseling and referral agency established in 1977 and does not charge fee for service.
  • CACE has coached over 30,000 cancer patients -- more than half of whom had Breast Cancer -- and trained more than 50,000 prevention-seekers.
  • CACE specializes in providing individualized nutritional, immunological and psychological resources for cancer prevention, prevention of recurrence and support during or after treatment.
  • CACE focuses on primary prevention, not just early detection.
  • CACE's whole-person approach focuses primarily on the patient rather than just on the tumor.

There is a great short video featuring Dr. Susan Silberstein at the Beat Breast Cancer Kit website.

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